Reviews on Facebook, Google and Amazon have given these cleaning gloves a positive rating for a variety of uses, including cleaning up bacteria or germs, cleaning dirty outdoor areas and screens or washing the dishes or shower screens. Which of these commercial-grade Cleaning Gloves will be your Cleaning Hero?

Green Cleaning Glove
The Green Cleaning Glove is the absolute bestseller in the house of Ha-Ra. The Green Screen Cleaning Glove was specially developed for rough, uneven surfaces such as security screens, outdoor areas or wicker furniture. Thanks to it’s pile height, it is ideal for use Crimsafe security screens as the fibres reach through the mesh and clean it properly. No residue will be left on the surface, which means it will stay cleaner for longer as sticky chemicals or detergent can attract more dirt and dust in the long run. With the Green Cleaning Glove you will be able to effortlessly clean your garage door, terrace areas, basement rooms, outside stairs, porcelain stoneware and even remove unwanted algae or mould build up in wet or outside areas. This patented Green Cleaning Fibre is the expert when it comes to removing coarse dirt from rough surfaces. Ideal to clean bins, garage doors, terrace plant pots, outdoor areas and much more. The Green Cleaning Glove can be used with cold or lukewarm water. Completely submerge Cleaning Glove in water and then wring it out. The fibre should be applied wet, but not soaking wet. Please do not use cleaning agent with it other than the ph neutral detergent, as this can cause the fibres to stick together.

Ultra Cleaning Glove
The Ultra Cleaning Glove is very versatile and robust. It easily cleans different areas while ensuring that hands are protected from dirt and even injuries. Among other things, it cleans various surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom and toilet. Particularly stubborn dirt or greasy films, such as dirty ovens and grills, are its special cleaning areas. Upholstery and carpets can also be cleaned with the Ultra Cleaning Glove. The glove can also be used in the vehicle area, for example for washing the outside or for cleaning vehicle interiors. It is also ideal for cleaning textile shoes, rubber soles, satchels, bags and much more. This Grease Glove with it’s powerful scrubbing fibres can be used with cold or lukewarm water. An increased effect is achieved by using the ph neutral detergent with it. The Cleaning Glove should be washed at 40 degrees before the first use. The Ultra Glove is considered a powerful Grease Glove and comes with a quality made in Germany and is intended for many years of use. In most cases, the application with just water is completely sufficient, so the environment is protected. The dark side is responsible for stubborn dirt found on non-sensitive surfaces. 100% polyester microfibre, pile height is 8mm. The lighter Viva fibre, can be used for normal soiling and for subsequent cleaning, 100% polyester, the pile height is 9 mm.

Mach 6 Cleaning Glove
The Mach 6 Cleaning Glove is ideal for all smooth surfaces and ideal for the kitchen or the interior of your car. This Cleaning Glove can be used as a Kitchen Glove and consists of a high-tech microfiber, which is also ideal for use on sensitive surfaces. It has two height structures that contain several million polyester microfibres. These are almost in the nano range. Thanks to this fine design, the white, densely woven fibres have an extremely high capillary effect and are therefore able to literally suck up the dirt. The blue fibre, with its physical-mechanical function, tears up the dirt - the perfect way of cleaning. You will be amazed by the power of this Cleaning Glove. Thanks to the exceptionally high capillary effect of this Cleaning Glove, the nano-fibre ensures very fine wetting and leaves no streaks. It can therefore be used on all high-gloss surfaces and works perfectly as a Kitchen Glove. In addition, the fibre can be easily guided and thus enables quick, efficient cleaning without great effort. We recommend the use of the Mach 6 Cleaning Glove on tiles, marble, fine stone, granite, PVC surfaces, lacquered wood, plastic and acrylic. You can use it in the bathroom on bathtubs, bathroom furniture, shower, sink, tiles or for general cleaning on window frames, banisters, radiators, plastic garden furniture, doors and garden furniture. It is also very popular in the car for dashboard, chrome parts, plastics, painted surfaces and rims.

Hedgehog Cleaning Glove
The Hedgehog Cleaning Glove is ideal for cleaning in the bathroom and kitchen. It is a double-sided Cleaning Glove that comes with fine bristles to reach into small indentations of a surface. It features the the latest Nano-Technology cleans with only water. It completely eliminates the use of paper towels and bathroom cleaning liquids. Using this Cleaning Glove can help you save hundreds of dollars annually while also making your home safer, healthier, and more environmentally friendly. This Glove can act as a Bathroom Glove as it cleans an incredible range of different surface types. You may use it to clean glass, worktops, sinks, baths, floors, wood, granite, and even stainless steel, which is notoriously difficult to clean. You can utilise the Hedgehog Cleaning Glove as a Bathroom Glove to maintain clean mirrors that are free of toothpaste, hairspray, and makeup residue - simply follow up with a Star Polishing Cloth for a steak-free finish. The sink and the chrome fittings will be spotless with little effort. Once you have tried the Hedgehog Cleaning Glove you will quickly discover how easy it is to make it part of your daily cleaning routine.

Dry Dusting Glove
This Dusting Glove comes with a statically charged synthetic fibre, which attracts dust, dust bunnies, hair, etc. and holds it until you shake it out. It is ideal for quick dusting in between and for dry cleaning, wherever damp cleaning is not desired/possible. You can also use this Cleaning Glove on your pets. Gently stroke the fur to pick up and remove loose hair and dander. Your little darling will thank you. The Dry Dusting Glove also removes dust and cobwebs in the entire living area, e.g. on: furniture, wooden figures, carving, stairs, glazed surfaces, wooden stairs, keyboards, screens, bookshelves, plants, radiators, leather trimmings and much more.

Natura Cleaning Glove
The Natura Cleaning Glove not only cleans, it also dries at the same time! It ensures effortless and, above all, time-saving cleaning. Feel the excellent combination of fibres for yourself: the polyester fibres clean thoroughly and gently, while the cotton fibres absorb the dirt and excess water. The result: perfectly clean surfaces without streaking. This Glove is ideal for the entire living area, for example, furniture, TV, marble and glass tables, plastic and wooden surfaces, leather trimmings, sanitary areas, device surfaces or office furniture. The Natura Cleaning Glove can be used with both cold and warm water, but it is important that the glove is always wrung out firmly. The treated surfaces dry without streaks.

Lint Glove
It is possible to remove undesirable lint, dust, fluff, and even pet hair from your clothing and furnishings with the use of the Lint Glove. This Cleaning Glove Lint is ideal for everyone who owns a pet because of all the hair that is getting trapped on clothes or furniture. Simply wipe over a piece of furniture or clothing in a single motion and brush your lint glove against the grain after each use to remove any lint, fluff, or hair that may has accumulated on the surface.

Skin Cleaning Glove
The Skin Cleaning Glove works to thoroughly cleanse both the skin and the body by providing a soothing massage as it also has a peeling action. Most people keep this Cleaning Glove in the bath or shower and use it with a small amount of body wash. You will be amazed how refreshed your skin feels after using the Skin Cleaning Glove.

Pet Cleaning Glove
The Pet Cleaning Glove was developed to care for the coat of your pets and animals, such as cats, dogs, horses, and the majority of other animals with fur. In addition to providing a relaxing massage for the animal, it helps prevent hair loss, dissolves fat, eliminates unpleasant odours, and cleans the pores in the animal's skin.

Feedback from Kerry Lassig about the Green Cleaning Glove via Facebook: “Have had my green mitt and raab solution for a while now.. but today was the day I thought.. ok it’s screen door time.. front, back of house top quality security screens and also door leading into front bedroom.. wasn’t looking forward to it as it’s usually a bloody chore.. Well not anymore and I also did the security screen above the bbq.. I am now still not believing how good this product is.. It’s quick ie: doesn’t take hours and I kept looking as I thought my eyes were deceiving me I have psoriatic artheritis and my arms are not sore as they usually are.. I certainly had no need to put any pressure on my workout I kept saying to my fur baby, “ it’s a miracle “. I am now going to get another mitt.. just looking at what best suits my needs. If you have been looking like I was for years... and weren’t sure........ in the words of the great Molly... do yourself a favour. You will not regret it and the raab solution is very concentrated so will last for ever (almost).”

Feedback from Melvin Ovens about the Gloves via Facebook: “Ha-Ra's cleaning gloves are absolutely amazing. Using them has transformed the way I clean my shower stalls, windows, and outdoor areas.”