We spend a lot of time discussing the significance of sustainability and the significance of that we work with sustainable cleaning products. But what exactly is that makes a cleaning product sustainable?

You might already be aware of this, but the term "sustainable" can have a variety of meanings to various businesses and people, especially when it comes to cleaning products.

Definition of the Term "Sustainability"
Meeting the needs of the current market without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs and the capacity for an item to be reused or maintained. In order for cleaning products considered sustainable, it must be possible to use it in a way that does not cause harm or destruction to the surrounding environment. It is very important that the manufacturing of a product can be called sustainable if it entails the use of nonrenewable resources, causes damage to the environment, or results in harm to individuals or society.

Generally speaking, sustainable cleaning products should tick the following boxes:
A sustainable cleaning product is one that is manufactured from renewable resources, or resources that can never be completely depleted. This means that the product should not cause immediate damage to the environment. Sustainable cleaning products should be manufactured and distributed in a manner that consumes the least amount of energy feasible.  There is almost no action that does not have some kind of influence on the environment, most businesses that are environmentally conscious work towards to lessen the severity of such impacts.

To a considerable part, the success of efforts to cut emissions will be determined by the persistent and voluntary actions taken by the economies of industrialised countries. The ideology of our organisation, Ha-Ra, has always included the idea that we should be responsible for the world we are going to leave to our offspring and future generations.

As a result of this, we have had the greenhouse gas emissions brought on by our activities measured and compensated for by making an investment in climate protection certificates for the years 2020 and 2021. Both a hydropower project in Uganda, which was certified by CER under the authority of the United Nations, and a forest reforestation project in Uruguay, which was certified under the authority of the Verified Carbon Standard, are supported by these certificates on our end. The hydropower project in Uganda was certified by CER under the sovereignty of the United Nations.

Naturally, we are continuing our efforts to fulfil this obligation. One way we do this is by reducing the use of materials that require packing whenever it is feasible to do so and replacing items that require packaging with recycled or recyclable alternatives whenever practicable. There is a significant reduction in the use of printed advertising, and practically all of the raw materials come from the immediate area. We were able to achieve climate neutrality thanks to the values that we determined and the climate certificates that we bought in an amount that was proportional to those values.

In recognition of its efforts to reduce its contribution to climate change, Ha-Ra was given the "climate-neutral company" award. As a result, we are now considered to be one of the first businesses in our sector to voluntarily offset its emissions in accordance with the "Clean Development Mechanism.”

The motivation behind Ha-Ra was the creation of environmentally friendly cleaning products and the preservation of our natural resources. “Grandpa's guideline was to always care for the environment! That left me with a long-lasting impression all my life. I've made an effort ever since to behave appropriately.” Hans Raab 1970. He created physical-mechanical cleaning back then, a unique cleaning technology that uses just water and high-performance fibres to swiftly and effectively produce excellent cleaning results. He was a pioneer and paved the way for an entire industry with this ground-breaking method.

With Ha-Ra’s sustainable cleaning products, we continue to strive to help everyone to live in balance with the environment. This claim also influences how we behave every day in the workplace. We place a high priority on sustainability and the preservation of natural resources when producing. As a result, we create the best possible goods that are extremely durable. All sustainable cleaning products are very affordable, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly. The majority of the raw materials are produced in our own facility and are ideally obtained locally. We only utilise natural components in our products. Many items are also certified organic, meaning that the plant materials they include were cultivated organically, collected by hand, and processed right after harvest. We highly value a comprehensive approach. Sustainability is practised across all spheres of life, including the production of sustainable cleaning products, packaging, and resource management. In this approach, we help our clients coexist with environment and ensure that future generations will have the opportunity to live happily and healthily on our stunning blue world.

Which products can be called sustainable?
Using a home cleaning kit, you can ensure that your kitchen benchtops and dishes are always immaculately clean. The Ha-Ra kitchen or bathroom kit is friendly to the environment and the ocean. It is filled with sustainable cleaning gloves that keep surfaces free from grease and grime. Gone are the days of single-use cloths are wipes. Our sustainable dish gloves and cloths can be washed and reused and have proven their quality in the commercial cleaning industry. The quality of the fibres is of such high density, that they won’t dissolve and end up in the ocean.

There are cheap microfibre cloths on the market that are marketed as being made of "microfiber," but they likely to decompose in a short amount of time. It is important to choose a company with a good quality and reputation if you want your product to be lint-free and if you are concerned about the effects of fibres on marine life. We place an emphasis on quality rather than quantity, all Ha-Ra® products come with a satisfaction guarantee and are constructed utilising a unique filament yarn. This ensures that our goods will remain intact for a considerable amount of time without breaking down.

Instead of being thrown away, the sustainable cleaning products sold by Ha-Ra can be reused and refilled the ph neutral detergent. Refill, don't landfill. For over half a century, we have been recognised for our commitment to environmentally responsible practises, innovative thinking, and living in harmony with nature. Because of the durability and effectiveness, the recyclable bottles that we use provide a risk-free means of transporting our natural detergent to your home. We encourage you to refill our bottles so they don’t end up in landfill.

Do you use our sustainable dish gloves or the ph neutral detergent, the Protective Formula, and consider it to be one of your favourite cleaning products? Or do you already have one or more empty bottles that you've gathered and that shouldn't be thrown away in the landfill? If so, you are eligible to participate in our Refill-Not-Landfill Program. You can simply return the empty bottles to us, and we will give you a credit of one dollar for each bottle towards your next purchase. Some of our stockists also offer to refill your bottle with them directly in store. We promise that every bottle that is returned to us will be refilled and put to another purpose. We provide the same concept with our 10l refill container for commercial users and businesses to take advantage of.

It is known that these sustainable cleaning products and sustainable cleaning gloves last for many years as they have been tested on a commercial level by many businesses. On the other hand, if your products become worn out over time due to normal use, you are more than welcome to apply the same idea. You can always return your Cloth, Glove, or Floor Pad to us and we will give you a credit of $1 on your future order for each of these items.