Working with the Ha-Ra® window cleaning device is a very effective and easy experience. Many professional rate this versatile cleaning tool as the best window cleaner. With this window cleaner you will work: 
  • faster than a pro
  • cleaner than the pro
  • without much effort

Why is Ha-Ra®'s window cleaner known as the best window cleaner on the market? 

Hans Raab set two world records with this window cleaning device. The window cleaning device is also available in 10 cm, 19 cm and 38 cm and can be used with an extension handle reaching up to 3m. 

Where can you use the window cleaner? 

Window panes (straight), mirrors, car windows, shower glass (plastic or glass)

Step-by-Step-Guide on how to use the window cleaner: 

Using the device is extremely simple: 

  1. Completely wet the fibre of the device under running water.
  2. Rub the ph neutral Protective Formula Rollfix over the fibre 3-4 times and distribute the care product with your fingers until it foams.
  3. Then run your hand over the fibre so that more water drips off when the device is held at an angle. Now run the Ha-Ra® window cleaning device with the fibre side in circular movements and with light pressure over the surface to be cleaned.
  4. The rubber lip, which has been dried with a dry Ha-Ra® Star Polishing Cloth, is then applied to the top of the pane with slight pressure. When removing, please ensure that the fibre no longer comes into contact with the pane. By lightly pressing the fibre on the lower edge of the window, dripping onto the window frame can be prevented. The liquid is then absorbed again by the fibre.
  5. With each new application, the rubber lip is dried with the Ha-Ra® Star Polishing Cloth to prevent streaking and visible attachments.
best window cleaner

What are the best window cleaning tips? 
With the right cleaning products, cleaning windows becomes easier. Ha-Ra® gives you handy tips to easily remove dirt from windows so you can enjoy spotless views again.

Windows can become contaminated with dust, grease, smoke, insects and bird droppings. To simply prevent damage, you should clean the windows at least 4-8 times a year (depending if you live in coastal or dusty areas). If windows are not cleaned for too long, deposits can form on the glass. These deposits are similar to limescale deposits in the shower and are difficult to remove.

In addition, stubborn stains and dirt such as bird droppings can attack the paint on the window frames. Fortunately, there are suitable Cleaning Gloves available to loosen dirt from windows and frames. With these Gloves and the Window Cleaner you can clean your windows and glass without leaving streaks.

Whether you can clean windows without leaving streaks depends on the composition of the cleaning water and the technology and technique used when cleaning windows. Using the right detergent in the cleaning water in combination with the best window cleaner is very important as too much detergent can result in streaks. We recommend only using a ph-neutral detergent as it also works as a wetting agent to keep a sufficient amount of water in your window cleaning fibre. Your cleaning water should be lukewarm water. There are numerous home remedies that you can add to clear water so that the window can be cleaned without leaving streaks. However, many professionals believe less is more! Simply water and the fibre will deliver steak-free results as nothing is on the surface to cause streaks in the first place. Don't use rinse-off detergent for the dishwasher, as even small amounts can cause skin irritation. Alcohol causes a blue, greasy film on the windows over time. Ammonia attacks the paint on your window frames. 

It is a must to use a clean Glove or Cloth to clean the windows. Not even the best window cleaner will work if it is full of lint, dirt and dust. We recommend to pre-clean the frame and surroundings of the window with the Green Cleaning Glove first. This Glove also works brilliantly if you have tricky security screens to clean. Dip Green Cleaning Glove in the cleaning water, wring it out and then use it to clean dust and dirt from the window.

For high windows, use the Ha-Ra® telescopic extension handle to clean the window. The main cause of streaks on the window are poor quality window squeegees. When you clean the windows, you should therefore always use a sturdy window squeegee with a flawless rubber edge that glides easily over the pane without leaving streaks. 

Common Mistakes when Cleaning your Windows: 

  • If too much cleaning solution is used, too much residue remains on the glass, which can result in streaks. If the local water contains too much calcium, some Kalkex can prevent hard water stains on the glass. This applies particularly when it comes to cleaning the shower screens.
  • It can be difficult to clean your windows if insects have not been removed from the glass. The remains can be abrasive and leaves striations when removed. If you want to work efficiently, first remove the dust from the window using a Green Cleaning Glove. 
  • Don't forget to clean the window frames. The window frame must be cleaned before you tackle the glass areas. Plastic frames can be prone to absorbing moisture.
  • Make sure your rubber lip is dry after each stroke. Experts recommend that you dry the blade after each stroke. In general, while using even the best window cleaner make sure that the rubber is straight and stable. It's also important to use the window cleaner correctly: move it straight, not in slanted lines across. 
  • The sun has one advantage: it highlights the areas that need to be repolished. However, the windows must not be allowed to dry before using the rubber blade; as a result, the sun should not shine directly on the glass. Fast strokes are recommended - and not just when the sun is shining brightly.
  • Stay clear from the newspaper trick: This technique can leave dark traces and streaks behind. A good quality microfibre cloth or the best window cleaner are simply more appropriate.