Who's looking for the best floor mop for wood floors that really works and lasts for years? Who is over mops that just move the filth around and don’t actually absorb the dirt? Who has used a dozen cheap plastic mops and would like to have the best mop for tile floors made of sustainable stainless steel that has proven itself commercially? If you can answer one of the above questions with “yes” then we have the best floor mop for you!

We trod on them, stamp our feet on them, and perhaps even do a jig while we're on them. Your floor surfaces certainly endure a lot of abuse! Think about the germs and insects that get stuck to your shoes during the day as you go about your routine and that you bring back into the house with you. Over the course of history, thousands of different types of mops have been developed to provide customers with the most convenient means of cleaning their floors.

Manufacturers are working hard to develop bamboo, timber, terracotta, and Caesar stone into hard floors that are flawless and of the highest possible quality. The question now is, what is the most best mop and vac to clean the various floor surfaces? It is probably best to cross the the classic shower mop or steam mop for tile surfaces from your list. Steam cleaners are often difficult to set-up and time-consuming to use, not to mention the fact that the steam and water will not remove all of the grime from the pores of the hard surfaces that they are intended to clean.

Even the best cordless steam mop is not intended to be used on a daily basis as a cleaning system. It requires a significant amount of time. There are also a lot of spin mop and bucket set options on the market that are of low quality or have floor pads that can be thrown away. These types of mops only last for a number of weeks and then they are thrown away going into landfill.

Your flooring may need some TLC from Ha-Ra. If you want to maintain your carpets and hard-surface floors clean and free of germs for many years to come, use these tips that are beneficial to the environment. The mechanical cleaning system offered by Ha-Ra, which has been the industry leader since the 1970’s and features durable fibres that can be recycled an infinite number of times with the addition of only water each time, is the product that has earned this title.

The floor pads made by Ha-Ra are suitable for use on any floor surface and they are rated as one of the best mop for tile floors. It is not necessary to sterilise your mop heads by immersing them in a bucket of water before use. You can reuse the Ha-Ra® Floor Pads indefinitely after washing them like you would a towel.

By avoiding using disposable Floor Wipes which often come with a red mop, you can save money in the long term. Because they have used their handle for over 20 years with only one replacement of a floor pad over that duration, some of our valued Ha-Ra customers report that this floor system is truly the best floor mop on Australia's market. This is due to the fact that they have had only one replacement of a floor pad within various years.

Why choose a small mop with a 30cm Ha-Ra® thickness?
This compact and convenient small mop has the potential to be faster and lighter than the larger system in 42cm. It darts into corners, under furniture, and around chairs and rugs without breaking a sweat. It is not only lightweight but also resilient and flexible. Scrubbing the floors with it will give a quicker friction, which will allow for deeper cleaning into the indentations of the hard surface flooring. It will show you an instant outcome as it draws the dirt that has been dislodged into the fabric. To get past skirting boards and the bottom side of freezers, just flick the system up. In addition to that, it will scrub high spots in your bathroom, eradicating any mould that may be there. It eliminates the need to use sugar soap to prepare the walls, as well as to clear mould and oil from high up locations.

This mopping system is utilised at Holiday and Caravan Parks located all across Australia. It is space-efficient and simple to store. It cleans both the inside and outside of the vans, and its handle can be divided in half so that it can be stored more easily. It is used to clean amenity blocks as well as units and cabins and comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

What is the difference in outcome between using a steam mop for tile and the innovative fibre technology offered by Ha-Ra to clean your floors?
The utilisation of steam cleaners may result in various drawbacks, despite the fact that they may be effective. We would like to share the feedback that we have got from a variety of clients after they have switched to the Ha-Ra System from their previous steam cleaner. Here are the pros and cons we discovered:

Steam Cleaning System
  • Because the equipment makes use of steam, which can reach very high temperatures, some floor types should not be cleaned with it.
  • Extra preparation necessary (sweeping before use)
  • The pads are typically more slender, meaning that they might not be able to penetrate deep down into the indentations of the surfaces to break off buildup, including grease and grime.
  • The dirt and grime that has been left behind will remain on the surface rather than being absorbed into the fabric.
  • The appliance can be quite hefty when the water compartment is included. 
  • It's possible that you won't be able to get under the cabinet, the chairs, or the furnishings.
Ha-Ra Cleaning System
  • Only room temperature or cold water should be used when operating this system; doing so will prevent any surface damage.
  • Multi-surface friendly and best floor mop for wood floors
  • No further preparation required
  • Patented fibres can be up to five times thicker than traditional fibres and function like a scrub brush to ingrain filth deeper into the fabric.
  • Flexible to reach under most furniture without moving it
  • Multi-Purpose use as also suitable for walls and ceilings
  • No electricity or cables required
  • Includes a 3-Part-Satisfaction-Warranty
What is the best way to mop floors?
The best way to mop floors is to use a dry dusting floor pad and pre-clean the surface from all dust and sand. This is very popular with accommodation providers in Australia as this floor pad easily removes sand from tiles and outdoor areas. You would then follow up with a floor pad that is suitable for your individual surface e.g. a Mach 6 floor pad for your wooden floors or a Hedgehog floor pad for your tiles. Take part in our floor cleaning quiz today to find out which floor pad is most suitable for your individual surface.