The upkeep of a clean bathroom can be accomplished in just three easy steps. We will relieve you of the burden of the most labor-intensive bathroom cleaning responsibilities. removing the buildup of soap and any other unpleasant residues completely without leaving a single trace. The cleaning process is simplified and sped up with the use of our specially woven bathroom cleaning gloves. Perform your tasks without using any abrasives or harsh detergents that have a strong odour. To thoroughly clean every surface in your bathroom, you will just require two pairs of bathroom cleaning gloves, a polishing bathroom cleaning cloth, and some water. That’s it!

We strongly suggest that you add a few drops of our pH-neutral Protective Formula to the water in order to shield your hands from the damaging effects of hard water and to make the water more effective as a wetting agent. Imagine a sparkling glass screen for your shower! You will be able to perceive and experience the difference with our powerful hand gloves for bathroom cleaning. The company Ha-Ra manufactures a wide variety of bathroom cleaning gloves that may be also used for cleaning windows and screens, the kitchen, the laundry, the floors, the outdoors, your automobile, and virtually any other application. You are going to be astounded by the bathroom cleaning results.

1. Cleaning Glove Ultra to clean and scrub the bathroom surfaces
The bathroom cleaning gloves are made of a durable and long-lasting fibre, that is the most useful tool in the bathroom kit. The side that is dark blue can be used to break up stubborn filth. The lighter watermarks and lighter soap residue can be removed just as effectively using the light blue reverse side. Simply add two drops of the ph-neutral Protective Formula to the water, wet the glove, and then move it over the area that needs to be cleaned in an s-shape. That's all there is to it! Repeat over any difficult places with soft, firm strokes until all the filth is brought up to the surface.

2. Pick Up Glove Natura to absorb the residue and dry off
When using this bathroom cleaning glove, proper technique is essential. To completely remove the loose dirt from the surface you are cleaning, slightly dampen the glove and apply an s-shaped downward motion. Continue using the s-stroke until you have completely covered the surface. Depending on the material, you may notice its natural brilliance as it dries immaculately clean.

3. Bathroom Cleaning Cloth Star Polishing
Use this bathroom cleaning cloth to polish taps and other similar fixtures or to get a flawless finish on shining surfaces. After that, your work is done. The bathroom cleaning gloves and cloths can be used for bathroom maintenance cleaning by simply giving them a quick rinse under running water while they are still moist. You'll probably discover that cleaning is considerably simpler after the first experience.

This bathroom cleaning system can be used on various surfaces in your bathroom. However, to maintain your surfaces after the initial clean, you can also consider our Hedgehog bathroom cleaning glove, which comes with fine bristles. If you have any hard-water deposits, our Kalkex will assist you to remove them. The Blue Cleaning Paste is a fine marble paste and will assist you with build-up. If you wish to clean large areas in your bathroom e.g. mirrors or walls, you may like to consider the Window Cleaner as it scrubs and dries large areas in no time.

Keep in mind, that less is often more. Norwegian researchers have found that regular cleaning with chemical cleaning agents over a long period of time can be as harmful to the lungs as a pack of cigarettes a day. At this point we will spare you the trouble of going into the possible consequences and will refrain from a treatise on cancer, poisoning and allergies. Unfortunately, many consumers rarely take a look at the back of the cleaning agent bottle, where hazard symbols, instructions for use and the list of ingredients provide information about what they are actually using. Things can get really dramatic if cleaning agents are mixed up inadvertently – whether consciously or unconsciously.

Did you know that combining an acidic cleaner with an active chlorine cleaner (both are often used in sanitary areas) can produce extremely toxic chlorine gas? Well, we are not saying that it's better not to clean at all. Also not that you should clean less.

But: there doesn't have to be a lot of chemicals - and also not a large variety of products.

Basically, it is possible to keep the entire household clean with just three cleaning products.

Protective Formula ph-neutral
To put it another way, a cleanser is said to be pH neutral if it has a pH level that is neutral. Although a genuinely neutral solution has a pH level of 7, pH neutral cleaners are often thought of as having a pH level that falls somewhere between 6 and 8. When choosing bathroom cleaning products, it is essential to take the pH levels into consideration in order to prevent surface damage. Chemicals with a higher acidic or alkaline concentration may be beneficial for cleaning particular types of grime or surfaces; however, these products also pose a larger danger of emitting toxic fumes and damaging the environment.

Kalkex (Citric Acid)
Soap scum, hard water stains, calcium deposits, lime, and rust are some of the things that can be effectively removed with Ha-Ra’s Kalkex use. Bacteria, mould, and mildew are all destroyed by citric acid. It does an excellent job of disinfecting and cleaning when it comes to bathroom cleaning but also in general.

Blue Paste (Marble Paste)
If the two means already mentioned no longer help, e.g. B. with particularly stubborn dirt or encrustations, then a cleaning paste is needed. However, it should be borne in mind that these can also have an abrasive effect on the surface to be cleaned. They should therefore only be used where minor abrasion is not a problem. Ultimately, the quality of the fibers and cloths used for bathroom cleaning is also decisive. In the case of many "normal" soilings, cleaning agents can be left out completely and convincing cleaning results can be achieved "only" with water.