Did you know that utilising chemicals to clean your floors can be bad for your health as well as destroy the surface of floors by leaving behind smearing agents that seep into the floor surface? Many households and commercial floor cleaning companies like Solomons Flooring swear the ph neutral floor cleaner by Ha-Ra, called the Protective Formula as it's highly concentrated and you only need a very small amount to clean large areas.

Here are Ha-suggestions Ra's for quickly and safely cleaning floors:

Step 1: Sweep the primary floor areas using the Yellow Floor Pad to remove surface dirt, dust, and pet hair. You may use the pad to dust out all of your kickboards and skirting boards, which are occasionally overlooked, by turning the floor device sideways.

Step 2: Next, use the Hedgehog Soft Floor Pad to clean smooth tiled floors, bamboo, marble, linoleum, travertine, concrete, or slate with a little water. For wood floors, use the Mach 6 Floor Pad. Use the Green Pad or the Hedgehog Gold for outdoor flooring.

Step 3: Utilize the White Long White Short Pad to dry the floor. The pads need to be rinsed and squeezed in between wipes for a streak-free floor. Remember that you can't clean with a dirty cloth and that streaks can emerge when the cloth is either too wet or you use unclean pads.

The Squeeze bucket on wheels works well with your neutral ph cleaner since it does the cleaning and squeezing for you. From time to time you can add Carnauba Natural Care floor wax to the water to give your floors a shiny finish without any residue and nurture your timber, bamboo, vinyl, etc. floors for a longer lifespan. Any sort of floor can use this. You'll have noted that none of these instructions or suggestions mention using any harsh chemicals, such as bleach or detergent. They simply aren't required.

When you clean with Ha-Ra, the saying "floors so clean you could eat off of them" is accurate. The floors are spotless, hygienic, and chemical-free, so you could actually eat off of them! Would you eat off a floor that had been cleansed with bleach or another chemical? We most certainly wouldn't, especially given the lengths we take to avoid using chemicals in the preparation of our food.

The top dog in maintenance and cleaning your floors is certainly the ph neutral floor cleaner. When cleaning windows, floors, dishes, or the outside of the house, Ha-Ra's neutral ph cleaner is practically universal. The floor cleaner supports the Ha-Ra products' fibres during cleaning while also taking care of the surfaces that have been cleansed. It has a powerful ability to dissolve fat.

Particularly environmentally beneficial is the concentrated version of the floor cleaner. The majority of the substances are biodegradable and natural. It is especially efficient and productive as a floor cleaner. Large areas can be cleaned with just a few drops. Much less of the neutral ph detergent is required. The drip cap makes exact dosing possible. It can be used for a variety of different jobs around the house:

  • Hand washing liquid: add a few drops to the dishwater replacement (10 drops per wash) and for gentle hand washing
  • Care and cleaning of the Ha-Ra fibres: apply several drops of full care to the fibres and lather vigorously.
  • Window cleaning: roll the Hans Raab Rollfix 2-3 over the fibres of the window wiper.
  • Floor mopping: add 5-6 drops to 10 litres of water.
  • General cleaning of household surfaces: add 2-3 drops to 5 litres of water. We advise using a very little dosage. 5 litres of water and 2-3 drops of the concentrate are all that is required. When applying directly to the surface or fibres, be thrifty as well. Use the Ha-Ra Rollfix to deliver a precise dose.

When using the ph neutral floor cleaner, please keep in mind: The cleaning outcome is not improved by increasing the dosage. Streaking may result from overdosing.

Advantages of cleaning products with a neutral pH
Given the risks associated with using acidic and alkaline cleaners, it might be assumed that pH neutral cleaners are the best option. We now know that neutral pH cleaners are more likely to be safe for consumers and the environment and are less likely to harm surfaces or have a negative impact on health.

However, despite the fact that a neutral formulation might be safer, many consumers still think neutral cleaners are less powerful and effective than caustic and acidic cleaners. A neutral ph cleaner functions efficiently and effectively with the right fibre cleaning solutions. The highly concentrated, neutral ph cleaner is intended to support the cleaning and dirt removal performed by the fibres.

When it's time to mop the floors again!
Keep in mind a perfect result does not only depend on the right cleaning agent or neutral ph floor cleaner. The design of the cleaning mop and the nature of the floor fiber (or wiper cover) are also elementary. But how do you find the right fiber for your suface? In this article you will learn what types of soil fibers there are. You will also learn what advantages they have and which Ha-Ra floor fibers best suit your floors.

Natural fiber vs. synthetic fiber
A basic distinction is made between two types of fibers. There are synthetic fibers (e.g. polyester, polyamide) and natural fibers (e.g. cotton, bamboo, viscose)

Synthetic fibers offer a number of advantages:

  • Very good cleaning efficiency (especially microfibers)
  • Very good water and dirt absorption capacity (especially microfibers)
  • Fast drying
  • High durability, shape retention and longevity
  • Resistant to viruses and bacteria (these find no breeding ground on synthetic fibers and are not spread further)

Natural fibers on the other hand are:

  • Biodegradable, partially compostable
  • Withstand high washing temperatures

The highest quality standards
At Ha-Ra, we live by the highest quality standards, which are also reflected in our fibers and ph neutral floor cleaner.

  • Only high-quality European brand fibres are used domestically and commercially
  • Our raw material comes from German weaving mills (exception: dry fibers: Italy)
  • All fibers are made by hand in the Ha-Ra manufactory in Saarland in more than 20 work steps
  • The high quality of the raw material is evident from the high breaking strength (e.g. no microplastics get into the waste water)
  • Ha-Ra fibers are the most densely woven floor fibers on the market (> 1000 g/m², more than double a standard fibre
  • Advantages: best cleaning performance, highest area performance on the market (cleaning > 60 square meters without absorbing new water) and unique durability

But which of our fibers is the right one for you in conjunction with the highly concentrated ph neutral floor cleaner? In this overview you can see at a glance what our Ha-Ra soil fibers can do and in which areas they can be used.



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