The phrases "going green" and "eco-friendly" have gained popularity in recent years in advertisements and on eco friendly packaging cleaning products. The meaning of the phrase "eco-friendly" is in risk of being forgotten since it has been applied to so many diverse goods and methods. You can put habits into place that will result in healthier living for the earth and all of its inhabitants—big and small—by learning what it truly means to clean with eco friendly cleaning products.

Earth-friendly or not damaging to the environment is what "eco-friendly" actually means. This phrase is most frequently used to describe items that support eco friendly living or methods for saving resources like water and energy. Eco friendly home cleaning products also reduce their impact on contamination of the air, water, and land. By paying more attention to how you use resources, you can develop eco-friendly habits or behaviours.

To reduce the amount of waste produced, use eco friendly cleaning supplies such as an eco friendly disinfectant solution or a eco friendly sponge scourer that can be reused. Locate and make use of the best eco friendly cleaning products that require minimal water and no chemicals. Choose a eco friendly cleaning concentrate that is non-toxic and do not include any harmful ingredients.

Ha-Ra allows you to maintain a clean home without using any chemicals. Ha-Ra is the Original when it comes to reusable fibre technology and offers eco friendly cleaning products bulk and eco friendly cleaning supplies wholesale. We have been revolutionising home cleaning for more than 50 years and prioritise eco friendly packaging cleaning products. The most premium fibres are used to produce robust fibres with a quality made in Germany. Many companies tried to copy these fibres over the years, but no-one came ever close to the commercial-grade quality.

The patented fibre products clean surfaces more efficiently because to its commercial quality. Simply add water, then wipe and dry the surface. To begin your road to a cleaner and healthier house, you can test the quality with eco friendly cleaning equipment for example our Starter Kit for surfaces or floors. There are also cloths and gloves available to cover eco friendly carpet cleaning products. 

At Ha-Ra, we work every day to make the world a little fairer, friendlier and more beautiful. "Footprints of Love" is an affair of the heart for us. Throughout his life, our founder Hans Raab pursued the goal of leaving a world worth living in for future generations. This is part of our philosophy. As a company, we carry on its legacy by helping to make the world a better place through our eco friendly cleaning materials, mindful practices and community engagement. 

Ha-Ra has stood for innovation, quality, trust and the best personal advice and service for almost 50 years - your satisfaction is important to us. We work every day to enrich your life and the lives of people around the world bringing you the best eco friendly cleaning equipment.

Inventor and visionary Hans Raab stood with his name for dealing responsibly with people, nature and the environment. We are still committed to this company philosophy providing the best eco friendly cleaning cloths today. 

  • The human being is the focus of our actions. We want to enrich the lives of our employees, distributors and customers.
  • Then as now, we stand for absolute environmental compatibility and the greatest possible protection of all resources as well as for uncompromisingly refraining from animal testing.
  • Quality and service characterise Ha-Ra - uncompromising. We rely on the "Handmade in Germany" seal of quality in our Saarland manufactory.
  • Countless patents, environmental awards and world records speak for themselves. For Ha-Ra, innovation means not only developing innovative new products, but also supporting independent sales partners and professional service for our customers. We are only satisfied when you are.

Our aim is to make everyone's life better, more beautiful and worth living with Ha-Ra. It starts with making their daily housework easier with innovative products and an eco friendly cleaning concentrate, in order to give them valuable time for their loved ones or to give them strength and self-confidence with our natural cosmetics.

In addition, we would like to offer everyone the chance to fulfill their wishes and dreams with the Ha-Ra dream job - whether as a part-time job or as a career. Family and work should always be compatible. It is our wish to offer a meaningful activity - to make a positive contribution to people, animals and nature with the best eco friendly cleaning products. Our consultants and stockists should carry this message out into the whole world. You get recognition and appreciation from Ha-Ra and many happy customers because you help to make the world a better place with Ha-Ra.

Offering these eco friendly cleaning supplies wholesale, we want to make every purchase a special experience, because our customers should have fun, try out all the products and shop comfortably from everywhere in Australia. We want to be there for our customers as experts and advisors on everything to do with eco friendly cleaning products. Every customer can count on as as advisors who support and accompany them with great personal service and helpful tips.

Our "Footprints of Love" initiative has set itself the goal of encouraging society to think more sustainably. Under the motto "everyone can do something", we want to motivate people all over the world to leave positive footprints. We set a good example ourselves.

  • True to the wishes of the late Ha-Ra founder, Hans Raab, the Hans Raab Environmental Prize is awarded every 2 years. The environmental prize honors innovative projects that are dedicated to environmental protection and nature conservation. The prize is endowed with €50,000.
  • Once a year, our employees have the opportunity to exchange a working day for a day "doing good". We support all aid projects related to people and nature.
  • The "Footprints of Love" award is presented once a year. With this prize, Ha-Ra recognizes the outstanding commitment of people who have made a special contribution to people and nature and who have left footprints with their good deeds. Anyone who has done something that makes the world a little better can be nominated. We also welcome applications.
  • Shopping and doing good at the same time is the motto of charity shopping. We regularly develop charity products, recognizable by the Footprints of Love logo. Part of the proceeds from the sale go to support environmental and aid projects.