About Ha-Ra - the Original & Pioneer in chemical-free Cleaning

Ha-Ra® is more than a cleaning solution it is a lifestyle choice.

Utilising advanced fibre cleaning technology takes the hard work out of cleaning and makes it quick, easy and effective, leaving you with more time to get back to what you’d rather be doing. Originally founded in Germany, Ha-Ra® came to Australia over 25 years ago and is a staple inclusion of many homes. Built to provide a better than professional clean in half the time, Ha-Ra® products are natural cleaning products that are safe, efficient, environmentally-friendly and guaranteed – making them the perfect investment for a household dedicated to spending more time doing what they love! The Ha-Ra® Cleaning System is perfect for window cleaning, tile cleaning, bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning - including oven cleaning, car cleaning and cleaning all your household surfaces. It is a full natural cleaning solution for your home and office. We know that cleaning is a must-do for everyone, but we also know that cleaning can be fun and easy. With more than 35 years serving happy customers in over 50 countries you can count on Ha-Ra® to give you a better and safer clean, faster.

The Ha-Ra Story - How Ha-Ra came to be

Ha-Ra® comes from the name of the pioneer and inventor of fibre based cleaning technology, the late Hans Raab.

From childhood, Hans was a very independent person who wanted to make his own way in the world and so together with his wife Vera, he established a commercial cleaning business. Very quickly, using commitment and a strong technical understanding of his product and service, Hans Raab developed a very competitive business that provided jobs for more than one hundred people. However, he soon became aware of health problems among his employees, which he traced back to the daily use of cleaning agents, he was determined to make a change for the benefit of his employees, his clients, the wider community as well as the environment. When faced with this challenge, Hans recalled reading an article in the early seventies, about native African tribes and their effective and environmentally-friendly cleaning methods, using sand, mud, grass and water. He knew that our society would not accept these cleaning methods but could see how effective the process was and therefore decided to develop new methods and technology that replicated the process. After years of research, Hans Raab developed a way of producing combinations of cleaning fibres that only require water to produce effective cleaning results.

During the cleaning process, millions of extremely fine hair-like special fibres loosen even the most stubborn dirt and grease, which are then bound together by the fibres and water and collected into the cloths and cleaning pads.

This pioneering invention led to the beginning of a tremendous success story, and these fibres are still so unique that the Ha-Ra companies have applied for over 150 individual patents. At the 1982 Inventors Fair in Basel (Switzerland), Hans Raab presented a window cleaning solution using these fibres and was awarded a gold medal for his invention. In 1984, using the same window cleaning device, Hans Raab set a world record cleaning 638 square meters of window at the Hilton Hotel in Basel in two hours, 54 minutes. Furthermore he also gained recognition for the development of cleaning systems that reduce sewage and water pollution. His company, Ha-Ra® was awarded the "Local Government Environment Prize 1993" at the City and Shire Congress of Lower Saxony on 27th March, following which, his business experienced an unbelievable boom. Today, Ha-Ra's environmentally-friendly cleaning products are sold in over 50 countries worldwide.

Ha-Ra Australia Pty Ltd

Ha-Ra Australia Pty Ltd is owned and managed by Bindy and Leon Naus.

Since 1993 Bindy and Leon have given Australian’s the opportunity to access the incredible Ha-Ra® fibre products and spend Ha-Ra Australia Pty Ltd Ha-Ra Australia Pty Ltd is owned and managed by Bindy and Leon Naus. Since 1993 Bindy and Leon have given Australian’s the opportunity to access the incredible Ha-Ra® fibre products and spend less time cleaning whilst maintaining the cleanest environment possible. Passionate about the Ha-Ra® products and the benefits both for the individual user and the environment, Leon and Bindy continue to dedicate their time to educating the greater community about cleaning with view to living… And love showing people how to have a better than professional clean in half the time, so they can spend more of their time doing what they love.

Our Vision

Providing clients with the best cleaning solutions for domestic and commercial use that are safe, efficient and environmentally-friendly. To be a leading educator on the dangers of commercial cleaning products and the chemicals used in them, with view to reducing the individual carbon footprint of clients and exposing them to the harsh truth about the damage such toxins cause to the health of the user, their family, the greater community and the environment.