Chemical-free cleaning is a method of cleaning that helps the environment while also preserving your health, which is especially important if you are allergic to chemicals or have family members or employees who are susceptible. When compared to the value that you get from a cabinet full of chemical-laden products, the value that you get from a few of safe products is incredible, and you won't look back.

When you use industrial cleansers, you typically have two primary aroma options to choose from. A strong and overpowering odour of chemicals and artificial fragrances that are often fruity or floral, used to mask the smell of chemicals. When we want to make the office or home smell nice, we occasionally enjoy using artificial aromas, but those scents are almost never the ones that are connected with typical cleaning products. There are a lot of people who are allergic to fragrances and need to steer clear of perfumes that put scents over the chemicals. When using a chemical free toilet cleaner or chemical free toilet bowl cleaner, odours are reduced or made from natural ingredients. So it is important to being aware of what goes into your chemical free home cleaning products. Have you ever looked at the ingredient list printed on the back of a container of a chemical and recognised maybe half of the terms that were used? When you clean with items that don't include any chemicals, you have a lot better idea of what you're actually dealing with. Because of this, you won't have to worry about unwelcome components, and you can confidently use these liquids or sprays to clean your workstations, conference rooms, and floors. 

Switching to the best chemical free cleaning products will not only safeguard those employees on your team who are more susceptible to allergies, but it will also protect you. The use of chemical cleaners can be harmful to the human body. Most cleaners are recommended to be used only when wearing rubber gloves. A very small amount of glass cleaner here and there each and every day? A fast dusting of your workstation every afternoon after lunch? Repeat exposure of chemicals can expose you to chemicals on a regular basis. You can eliminate that risk completely by making the move to chemical free cleaning products.

The use of these chemical cleaners can have a negative impact on the surrounding ecosystem. Chemical free cleaning products are a far better option for clients who are concerned about the environment. On the other hand, conventional cleansers may contain components that, if disposed of in the environment, would be detrimental, as well as components that are not renewable. This indicates that they are not sustainable to improve the situation for your planet and the years to come.

Through overuse of chemicals, we are giving strains of bacteria resistance against our antibacterial solutions and antibiotics. By avoiding these ingredients when you don't objectively need them, you're protecting yourself and avoiding the creation of super bacteria.

Overall “chemical free cleaning products” is a very trending word today. At Ha-Ra we clean in a sustainable in healthy way with using fibres and water only. So what is cleaning in the first place? It is the removal of dirt and grime from all surfaces. Hans Raab, the founder of Ha-Ra quickly became aware of health problems among his employees, which he believed were caused by the everyday use of the cleaning products and chemicals. He believed that these health problems were caused by the usage of the cleaning chemicals.

It was at this time that he recalled reading an article about the cleaning practises of indigenous African tribes, which were both effective and gentle on the environment. He came to the conclusion that our culture would not tolerate cleaning procedures that used sand, dirt, and water, and as a result, he began working on the development of alternative ways. In the course of many years of study and experimentation, Hans Raab came up with a process for the production of cleaning fibres, which simply require water to be cleaned. The pads, cloths, and gloves all contain millions of the incredibly small, specialised fibres that can loosen and remove even the most tenacious filth and oil particles, leaving surfaces spotless clean.

This groundbreaking innovation was the first step in the creation of an incredible success story.

Many consumers use these chemical cleaners from the supermarket today. From experience, they can do a lot of damage. Often customers approach us with problematic cleaning tasks, when it is already too late. Chemicals have destroyed the surface of an expensive bench top or shower screen, and not even the Ha-Ra technology will be able to fix the destroyed surface.

The 19th century was the first century to grow up with extremely high levels of chemicals in the home with tremendous scare tactics from the media, that if you don’t clean with a disinfectants you will not be healthy and clean. We have been encouraged over the years to purchase these products in a plastic container and spray bottles. All these products have been part of our lives for many years and we didn’t question whether they are safe.

Thankfully there has been a break through for chemical free cleaning products. The founder of Ha-Ra - Hans Raab, was a professional cleaner in the 1970s and was disgusted with the limitations and hazards of the cleaning industry with limited quality cleaning products available at the time. Cleaning products such as buckets, brooms, scrubbing brushes, dusters and window squeegees. Hans Raab had 3 ideas in mind which he wanted to include in the invention of the best chemical free cleaning products.

The new system had to be economical to clean faster and making cleaning easier. The second objection on his chemical free cleaning products needed to be ergonomically sound and to protect all users from injuries. His invention also had to be environmentally friendly protect ourselves and the environment and following generations. Over the last half a century, Ha-Ra has become the number 1 in a German engineered technology. His exceptional and out of the box thinking has proven to be successful.

Ha-Ra has always been the pioneer and original of chemical free household products. Many people tried to copy Hans Raab in the following years to jump on the same bandwagon. Lookalikes do not carry the popular 3-part guarantee. On top of this Ha-Ra is a complete cleaning system to cover all your domestic and commercial cleaning needs. It's not just one fibre or cloth. A chemical free cleaning product and cleaning system requires various gages and densities \ which are designed to do the job.

Ha-Ra offers a range of chemical free cleaning products which is various fibres for example the Ultra Fibre. It is available as a floor pad, cloth and glove and designed to remove fat and grease. It also works brilliantly as a chemical free shower cleaner. On the other hand the nano fibres are designed to absorb and clean kitchen surfaces and cupboards. Plus we have a Hedgehog Fibre with fine bristles ideal for all bathroom surfaces as they also reach into the indentations or grout of a surface.

Different fibres have been developed for different purposes. The first step is to loosen the dirt or grease, the seconds one is picking up the residue and the third one dries off and polishes. The physical-mechanical actions of the fibres require minimum pressure and almost no elbow grease. You will only require a very small amount of water and no cleaning agent.

After years of tests, Ha-Ra has developed a revolutionary manufacturing process that created various cleaning fibres that only require water to clean. These fibres where developed and placed on a strictly woven or knitted fabric. These special designed cleaning fibres were attached to the fabric, which was then handmade into cloths, gloves, floor pads and window cleaners. This fabric micro, nano, mono fibres consists of millions of micro tentacles which penetrate deep into the surfaces removing even tough dirt, grime and grease particles and hold them in the fabric leaving the surface clean when completely dried off.

You won’t require any spray bottles as the fibres will do the job for you. In 1982 at the inventors fair in Basel Switzerland Hans Raab presented the first chemical free window cleaner consisting of these fibres and he was awarded a gold medal for this invention. He also managed to set a world record by cleaning windows with this chemical free window cleaner at the Hilton Hotel in Basel in record time. Over the years it has been a battle to re-educate the public that chemical free cleaning products are a better and safer way to clean.   The sales of chemical cleaners and disinfectants is a complex money making business with a multitude of sellers involved. People are understandably confused and bewildered by the number of chemical free household cleaners and chemical free toilet cleaner that have different purposes. Those who buy chemicals to clean with need to accept that these products are overpriced and not necessary. Keep in mind, that the disinfectant must touch a bacterial cell and be absorbed by it in order to kill the germ, very little is achieved by pouring a disinfectant solution over a dirty surface, which so many commercial cleaning companies do.

Most bacteria in this case remains untouched, for example a greasy meat-slicing, will not be effectively cleaned by pouring a disinfectant over it. The grease provides a waterproof protection for bacteria. In order to clean the surfaces, they must be washed and cleaned before using a chemical free disinfectant spray. The chemical free home cleaning products from Ha-Ra in particular the Ultra Glove will clean and remove bacteria by just using just water. These products have been used by hospitals and steriliser departments for many years as they understand the technology behind the cleaning process and the various lab tests that have been done. The fibres of these chemical free cleaning products are designed for household consumers as well as the commercial industry.