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Replace all cleaners with a biodegradable, eco-friendly fine mist spray that can be refilled up to 2000 times using our ph-neutral concentrate.

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Ha-Ra revolutionizes the cleaning game with a commitment to both your home's safety and environmental quality. Proudly crafted in Germany, our products offer unparalleled performance without the need for harsh chemicals, ensuring a pristine home and a healthier planet.

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From the people
From the people
The quality of Ha-Ra is truly outstanding. It's been the motivation behind starting my own cleaning business. Its effectiveness speaks volumes, and my clients particularly appreciate the chemical-free aspect, ensuring we no longer inhale any toxic fumes.
— Cornelia Svendsen @cornelacleans
From the people
Fantastic quality - finally replacing dry mop after 27 years of daily use!
— Daniel Hoffmann via Facebook
From the people
For over 25 years, Ha-Ra has been the trusted cleaning product at our holiday park. There's no chemical smell, just brilliant performance. Not only have our productivity and efficiency improved, but the cost savings have been remarkable. In just a year, we've seen the benefits outweigh the expenses of constantly restocking chemical refills.
— Gloria and Alan Rowett
From the people
Forget about steam mops - all you need is Ha-Ra + it is half of the price.
— Neha Sen

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Eco Friendly Cleaning Products


Cleaning – it is one of the small necessities of life that unites us all and for most of us it is a chore... that sometimes feels never ending. Using the best chemical free cleaning products with with a ph neutral floor cleaner is a must when you want to change your cleaning habits. Don’t you hate cleaning up only to find a few moments later that there’s a new mess to fix or that you’ve missed a spot? Or that after all the scrubbing and bleaching the stains are still visible?

The problem is that what most people believe about cleaning is that it is hard work and requires mountains of chemicals, cleaning mops and detergents to do the job right.


This is more the message of clever marketing companies dedicated to selling you the best floor mop and more and more cleaning products usually comprised of harmful chemicals cocktails to do a job that is never done. However with the best cleaning products this task does not have to be harmful or a chore and you CAN spend less time cleaning and more time living – without sacrificing the results!

Ha-Ra® has been delivering eco friendly cleaning products since 1970 with a superior quality made in Germany.


Ha-Ra® is passionate about sustainable cleaning products because we all know that having a clean home car and office improves everybody’s quality of life!


If the cleaning’s not done right it can be the direct cause of many lifestyle ailments – from colds and allergies to mental confusion and distraction. As much as we all enjoy the after-effects of having a clean environment most of us dread the actual cleaning. It’s an inevitable task that must be done so we suck it up and deal withit. It can be hard annoying smelly work that takes up our precious time (that if we are honest we would prefer to use doing something else) and most of the time it doesn’t last especially where there are kids and pets about.


Quality over Quantity for over 50 years with commercial cleaning products that have been used by Holiday Parks and Hospitals.


Ha-Ra® is dedicated to educating Australian’s on the dangers of commercial cleaning products and the chemicals used in them so that together we can easily reduce our carbon footprints and create healthier and safer environments for our families and friends with much less effort. Imagine how wonderful you will feel when the house, car and office are clean you’ve still got tonnes of time and energy to do the things you love and you haven’t endangered your family or the environment.


With Ha-Ra® this can be a reality. Look under your sink and you’ll most likely find a cocktail of expensive detergents and cleaning sprays. Ammonia bleach chlorine and formaldehyde are poisons commonly found in everyday cleaning products and people are openly inviting them into their home not knowing the risks they face mistakenly believing that these are the products that they need to create a clean healthy and safe environment. From inhaling toxic fumes from under the sink to being surrounded by all those detergents dishwashing products or even walking down the isle in the super market your body’s immune system is being constantly tested and weakened. Even putting your hands in detergents while washing the dishes will cause leaching through your skin into your blood circulation. If you’re already feeling ill at the thought of this imagine what is happening inside your body!


Chemical Free Cleaning Products vs. Cleaning Chemicals


The first step to change is to remove all harmful agents from your house starting with dirty old sponges, your cleaning mop to window sprays and bathroom cleaning products and any other commercial cleaning product. Since World War II 700000 new cleaning chemicals have been introduced developed out of chemical warfare. That’s 250 billion pounds of synthetic chemicals produced each year and thousands are appearing in every day products on supermarket shelves.


We are the first generation to grow up with extremely high levels of chemicals in the home. The Environmental Protection Authority reported that toxic chemicals found in every home are three times more likely to cause cancer than airborne pollutants. Most disinfectants by nature are potentially harmful or even toxic to humans or animals. Tests have shown that the intensive use of chemicals is a contributing factor to the growth of super-bugs. Using vinegar to clean is still using a chemical compound and isn’t actually helping as it only provides one part of the cleaning process – the acid. For a total cleaning system you require an acid and an alkaline.


Detergents leave a film on surfaces which are therefore not clean and can actually be damaging to your furniture, benches, floors and equipment. With the best mop for tile floors this will be a issue of the past. Many popular cleaning products only remove surface dirt and don’t eradicate the germ-growing bacteria. When you think of the word ‘poison’ you probably think about someone ingesting toxic substances. However your body can be poisoned in many ways including through the lungs and skin and when you expose yourself to toxic chemicals through cleaning you are putting your body and your family at risk of poisoning every day.


Do Chemical Free Cleaning Products actually work when it comes to bacteria?


Chemical cleaning agents and toxic detergents are no longer required to provide a clean and safe environment. There are numerous alternatives available that not only protect you and your family’s health they are also safe for the environment and CLEAN your home better with a ph neutral floor cleaner. Tests have shown that the physical removal of bacteria and micro-organisms by scrubbing is actually more effective than the anti-microbial effect of cleaning agents used (killing bacteria). Even the definition of cleaning is 'the physical removal of organic material or soil from surfaces' and yet we have spent years harming ourselves with a cocktail of complicated chemicals. After a lifetime of cleaning the ‘normal way’ you’re probably thinking 'Won’t there still be germs growing if you do not use chemicals as you have not sprayed any disinfectant on the surface?' But what you might not know is that if you have a totally dry clean surface the germs cannot grow much in the same way as if we as humans do not have food and water we cannot survive bacteria cannot survive without water and nutrients. Knowing this Ha-Ra® have developed a range of products that CLEAN your home with nothing more than advanced fibre technology and some H20. All Ha-Ra® products are designed to eradicate bacteria and give you a better than professional clean in half the time. They are also eco friendly cleaning products and guaranteed to last!


Cleaning with eco friendly cleaning products is going to be different.


Cleaning the Ha-Ra® way with sustainable cleaning products may feel a little too easy at first, and you might be thinking surely this isn’t a better clean? Now, the first 'BIG' clean will take you a little more time than usual, but this is just to ensure that your environment is 'detoxinated' from the chemical residue of the old cleaners and all bacteria is eradicated. If your 'BIG' clean is a little daunting, you might want to select one room to tackle at a time, even if it’s one room a week you will feel a sense of accomplishment and be on your way to a clean house that is safe for you, your family and the environment. To save even more time, you can even spread out the tasks and action one ‘weekly task’ each day so that you don’t have to spend your whole weekend cleaning. If you can, delegate the cleaning among family members. After you complete the initial 'BIG' clean you can then create a weekly and daily schedule that will keep your house sparkling week in and week out thanks to the best cleaning products with minimal effort and time!


After a while you’ll notice that your cupboards, bench tops, range hoods, pots and pans become greasy and dirty. Overcome this with fibre cleaning to cut through the grease and absorb the fat. You don’t need to fill your kitchen with chemicals – this is where you prepare your food so ensure that anything you use in this room you would feel comfortable ingesting, because you are. % If you have any calcium build-up on glasses or in electric cookers and coffee machines use a natural citric acid to cut through and clean it out. % Be sure to regularly check your toaster, microwave and other appliances as they can secretly hide crumbs, scraps and splashes and can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Clean them out then dry off to prevent bacteria growth. % To help keep your fridge clean and sanitary, keep all food products covered and label them with the date you open/use them so that you know straight away when something should be thrown out instead of letting it fester in the back. A good way to keep on top of this is to do a fridge audit every bin day and throw out what is old.


How does cleaning with a ph neutral floor cleaner work?


Begin your floor cleaning with chemical free cleaning products by first dry dusting to remove pet hair and give a general sweep of the main floor areas removing surface debris. Then follow with the best floor mop made of stainless-steel and a damp floor pad to remove stains and finish with a drying cloth and the ph neutral floor cleaner to remove all moisture and prevent new dirt and dust sticking. Even the best mop for tile floors needs regularly rinsing and squeezing. Streaks appear either because the cloth is too wet or by using dirty pads, remember you can’t clean with a dirty cloth or cleaning mop! Use a press bucket with your cleaning mop to ensure you have an appropriately damp cloth, you don’t want too much water splashing about when using the cleaning mop.


Start with the cleanest areas first and work from the top down with your chemical free cleaning products.


Begin with mirrors, taps and similar fittings, and tiled walls, then do the shower-screen, basins, bath and floors last. Remove calcium build up with our bathroom cleaning products and a natural citric acid, just apply, let it sit for a while and then rinse it off. Note: don’t use this product on marble or similar surfaces. Windows, mirrors and shower-screens should be cleaned regularly with these bathroom cleaning products but shouldn’t be covered in chemicals – this leaves a film and actually makes it dirtier, you’ll notice it steams up so much more as the steam clings to the chemicals. Using fibres and water will provide a better clean without residue and will stay cleaner for longer.


Use sustainable cleaning products effectively when cleaning your toilet or bathroom.


The most common reason for smelly toilets is a build-up of urine lurking in areas you can’t get to, such as behind the toilet bowl and under the seat. To clean your toilet, remove the seat (by loosening the two wing-nuts under the seat), and wipe out the whole area with the bathroom cleaning products and dry it off to prevent any bacteria growth.


Eco friendly cleaning products should be used correctly when treating mould in your home.


If you are having mould problems on ceilings and other painted surfaces, use a damp fibre cloth and then simply wipe and the job is done. You don’t need to ‘kill’ the mould, just remove the things with the eco friendly cleaning products that allow it to grow.