Floor Cleaning Starter Kit 30 cm | All Surfaces


The Starter Stainless Steel Floor Cleaning Kit: compact, lightweight, and ergonomically designed. This versatile kit comes equipped with both a dusting and damp cleaning pad, suitable for use on all surfaces.

  • Versatile usage: Suitable for all floor surfaces including tiles and timber 
  • Cost-Effective: Premium Materials ensure a long-life of the fibres
  • Eco-Conscious: Reduce chemical use and disposable waste with stainless steel
  • Works with water only but can be used with the highly-concentrated ph-neutral concentrate suitable for very greasy tasks to allow fibres to glide  

With its durable steel design, two floor pads, and suitability for various floor types, the Floor Cleaning Starter Kit has established a commercial-grade reputation among holiday parks, hospital sterilisation departments, and childcare facilities. The Dry Duster absorbs fine dust and grime and serves as a vacuum cleaner replacement, whle the Outdoor Floor Pad cleans, scrubs, and absorbs filth. 

What Is In The Kit?
  • Steel Floor Cleaning System in 30 cm
  • Dusting Floor Pad 30cm (Duster)
  • Outdoor Floor Pad 30cm (Cleaner) 
How To Use

Put the metal bar's one end into the floor mat. Insert the other end after pressing down on the metal pedal at the top of the floor express and lift. To lock it in place, press down. In order to capture heavier debris while the fibre penetrates indentations, sweep the floor in an's' motion.

The pads need to be rinsed and squeezed for a streak-free floor. Remember that you can't clean with a dirty cloth and that streaks can emerge when the cloth is either too wet or you use unclean pads. The Press Butler bucket works in conjunction with your floor system to handle the cleaning and squeezing for you. You can add Carnauba Natural Care floor wax to the water to give your floors a shiny finish without any residue and nurture your timber, bamboo, vinyl, etc. floors for a longer lifespan. Any sort of floor can use this.

Where To Use

Can be used on all surfaces including tiles, timber or natural stone. It is a very popular kit for commercial use on industrial floors, safety floors, concrete, slate or rubber stud floors. It can also be used in the garage, on terraces, outside stairs or in basements.

How Does It Work

You can spend less time cleaning, use fewer chemicals, get a better clean, and protect your floors by using the Floor Cleaning Kit, which just requires water and microfibre technology. The Floor Cleaning Kit has a sturdy, long aluminium handle and is composed of premium stainless steel. Cleaning walls, skirting, and kick boards is a breeze because to the 'S' joint's ability to rotate in all directions and eliminate bending over. The stainless steel is great for residential use and has a commercial rating. The floor pads can be used to remove chemical buildup as well as dirt and grime from a variety of floor surfaces. To remove loose dust, grime, and fluff from all floors, use a dry dusting floor pad as a pre-clean. It also works well on walls and ceilings. Use a S motion to help the material accumulate and be removed by its inherent static electricity. Shake or brush the pad outside after usage. As an alternative, vacuum. 

Add a few drops of Protective Formula to your water to make the floor pads glide more easily, extending the life of your pads and protecting your hands. Using a small amount of Protective Formula when cleaning your floors can help maintain the moving parts in your Floor Cleaning Kit because it is a natural lubricant.

To maintain the shape of your floor cleaning pads throughout the course of their lengthy lives, they are manually manufactured from woven material and strengthened. The floor pad will reveal cleaner, fresher floors by removing old detergent buildup using only water. High grade stainless steel and a sturdy aluminium handle make up the Ha-Ra Floor Cleaning Express. The Floor Cleaning Express has the unique ability to rotate in all directions. Kickboards and skirting boards can be easily cleaned, and bending is eliminated.

What Is It Made Of

Stainless Steel + Polyester

Why Is It Eco-Friendly

It offers an energy-saving alternative to vacuum cleaners, requires no cleaning agents, boasts exceptional durability, is allergy-friendly, and can be used on various surfaces, including under furniture, reducing the need for multiple cleaning tools.