Pioneering German Innovation for Over 50 Years


No matter your cleaning problem - Ha-Ra® has the answer!

Don't just take our word for it, read the independent Medvet and Bernhard Health lab test reports to see just how brilliantly the Ha-Ra® chemical-free fibre technology works.

Over 50 years of pioneering innovation 

With over 50 years of pioneering innovation, Ha-Ra® offers a revolutionary product range that cleans faster and easier than ever before, without the use of harmful chemicals.

During the cleaning process, millions of hair-like fibers work tirelessly to loosen even the toughest dirt and grease, while simultaneously collecting particles with advanced capillary action, resulting in a germ-free clean.

More than 170 patented variations

Recognizing that no two surfaces are alike, Ha-Ra® has developed a diverse range of fibers, microfibers, and nanofibers tailored to suit every cleaning need, boasting more than 170 patented variations. Ha-Ra® fibers not only enhance any cleaning process but are also environmentally friendly and guaranteed to last for years. By embracing Ha-Ra®'s chemical-free fiber technology, you can achieve a clean, hygienic environment that prioritizes your health, your wallet, and the planet.

No Chemicals needed!

At Ha-Ra, our technology focuses on residue absorption rather than just lathering surfaces with chemicals that fail to remove dirt effectively.