We can think of many things that are more pleasurable to do than cleaning your floors, but we have some excellent news for you. You can get the job done in no time using a sustainable cleaning mop with water only! 

How to get a streak free floor when mopping?
Firstly you need to know, 'What is cleaning?' Is the physical removal of organic material. This includes soil/dirt/mould/dog hair/grime dust and soot. Cleaning is done to remove rather than kill micro-organisms without harsh chemicals and detergents which can be made of a petroleum base that actually cloggs up the indentations of the surface rather than removing the grime from the surface. 

Ha-Ra has invented a cleaning system which is the world leader since 1970. The specially patient designed fibres range from a micro, nano and mono fibre which penetrate deep into the surface and collect the fat, grease and grime by only using water on the floor pads. This mop works brilliantly on all surface and also assists as a bathroom cleaning mop. 

The Ha-Ra fibre cleaning technology has been designed for households and the commercial cleaning industry as a valuable tool. The cleaning mop handle has a stainless-steel design s-swivel floor mopping handle which is flexible and easy to manoeuvre as it will flip up to clean skirting boards. It will also go flat to cleaning and wash down ceilings and wash high walls and floors. You can add some of our ph neutral floor cleaner if your floors are very greasy and select the correct floor pad. 

The uses of this cleaning mop are endless. Painters can also prep the walls with out using expensive cleaning agents saving time and half the mess. The cleaning mop made by Ha-Ra with the correct floor pad will collect all the thinner dust particles when sanding a floor too.

The best way to mop floors is starting with the Dry Dusting Pad. It can also be used for builders cleans. The other advantage for builders cleans is, that we only recommend cold water for mopping. Often on builders cleans hot water is not available. This is a bonus in the commercial industry as access to hot water can be limited. With the Ha-Ra cleaning mop only cold water is required to wash the floors. This is applicable to large shopping centres as well.

It is a known fact that if you have a totally smear-free, clean and dry surface,  bacteria will not grow. This has been proven by many laboratory tests such as Medvet and Bernhard Heath.

Which microfibres are used in combination with this cleaning mop? 
The fibres are a polyester and polyamide structured blend with fine tentacles to trap dirt and grease into the fabric. In other words this is an upmarket tooth brush on a finer scale that traps the dirt into the fabric. Floor surfaces are made up of molecules, which make up a texture. All surfaces have a certain degree of roughness. There are several reasons for a textured finish, for example the design and slip resistance. These surfaces have very fine indentations and when using rotating mop or spin mop and bucket set you are only moving the dirt around the surface rather than attracting the dirt to your mop. This can result in a slippery and smeary floor.

Another problem people often experience with some types of mops is that it rips to bits and pieces and leaves a lint behind as the quality of the fibres is not designed to be reused. A steam mop for tile surfaces on the other hand can be quite difficult to use and are often not suitable for various surfaces. The cleaning mop pads made by Ha-Ra need to be carefully selected as there are many look alike on the market that have a very poor density which do not do the job the same way. The Green cleaning mop floor pad for example is specially designed and engineered to attract dirt and mould as the fibres are 80% denier meaning they are thicker than any others on the market.

The cleaning mop floor pad Mach 6 from Ha-Ra is a nano fibre making millions of soft fibres attract even the finest dirt and dust and can be used on porcelain and shinny smooth tiles, parquetry floors and timber floor surfaces. 

The cleaning mop pad Hedgehog Gold is designed as a bathroom cleaning mop but can also be used for rough and sand type none slip surfaces, ideal for outdoors and around the pool.

All floor pads that are available with the cleaning mop perform 95% of the cleaning power themselves. So you not only choose the best way to mop floors, you also clean in an environmentally responsible way by just adding water using absolutely no chemical. 

For communities with grey water and developments that focus on sustainable living, this system can be very beneficial. There are many different types of mops available on the market and most of the mopping handles are made of plastic with very sensitive attachments from the handle to the floor piece, which won't withstand the daily use of the commercial cleaning industry. 

If you view the top quality the cleaning mop and thickness of the Ha-Ra floor pads, you will instantly see the difference. The handle is made from aluminium and is slip-proof. The stainless steel cleaning mop by Ha-Ra comes with a 100% guarantee that it works.

The old method of cleaning was to fill a bucket of water and pour in a lot of  detergent or chemicals which made the water soapy. These old style rotating mop or red mop styles often look shaggy and smelly after a few uses and can't perform a good job.

Have you had problems with your old spin mop and bucket set or shower mop as it did not remove sand, dust or hair properly? The combination of the dusting and green floor pad are used in many very sandy situations like holiday parks, childcare centres and caravan parks. Have you ever tried a mop and vac? Often a lot of residue is left behind. The small mop dry floor pad will collect the finest hair and dust as it is even used by many hairdressers and reaches easily under all chairs and furniture.

This technology of the floor cleaning mop express handle was patented. The floor mopping system known as the floor express was designed by a German engineer Hans Raab who had a commercial cleaning business. He was horrified about the chemicals used delivering no results. The cleaning mop handle is to provide easy and time-saving cleaning as well as floor care. The floor cleaning mop can be rotated in all directions with a stainless steel spring for easy operation. The cleaning mop made by Ha-Ra has a special S joint which makes it easy to use.

It is optional to add a few drops of the ph neutral floor cleaner to your water as it can assist with very greasy surfaces and assists the fibres to glide over the surface. This also provides extra care of the fibres and is recommended.

This cleaning mop has long been used within the commercial cleaning industry. These cleaning mops are used in hospitals to clean the inside of commercial sterilisers as the fibres loosen build up of excess sediment in the chambers. The high grade cleaning mop / floor express from Ha-Ra can clean deep in to the chamber with the fibres attracting the sediment into the fabric.

The durability and long lasting cleaning mop handle is recommended by commercial holiday parks for the amenities on non slip floors as well as the cabins and villas. Marion Holiday Park have had their handle for over 18 years. 

So the benefits of this cleaning mop are endless. It will not only give you a perfect finish or result, the quality itself is sustainable as its made of stainless steel and not cheap plastic that will go into the landfill.

Quality vs. Quantity 
What do the commercial cleaning supply companies say about the cleaning mop? The feedback we have received over the past years is, that they last so long that they don’t want to stock them as they can not keep selling add-ons or additional floor pads with this cleaning system. Thankfully the throw away society is something of the past as the younger generation is looking for alternatives to save the planet and live more sustainably. The cleaning mop made by Ha-Ra is a legitimate alternative that meets the cleaning industry performance criteria. The cleaning mop fibres are specially woven fibres that have been tested for strength and endurance and the risk of lint or the fibres detaching from the pile is tried and tested.

Many tiling and flooring shops recommend this cleaning mop as many clients have troubles with their touchless mop or even the best cordless steam mop. If you don't have the right cleaning mop you may tend to try various chemicals which can destroy your tiles or surfaces. Using chemicals can form a build up or will dull the tiles especially if chlorine or acid cleaners are used. Using fibres and water before the damage is done is a recommendation from many tiling shops.