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Why kill 99% bacteria if you can REMOVE 100% without chemicals while saving on refills?

Tests by Australian Laboratories have shown that the physical removal of bacteria and micro-organisms by scrubbing is actually more effective than the anti-microbial effect of cleaning agents used (killing bacteria). After a lifetime of cleaning the ‘normal way’, you’re probably thinking 'Won’t there still be germs growing if you do not use chemicals as you have not sprayed any disinfectant on the surface?' But what you might not know is that if you have a totally dry, clean surface the germs cannot grow, much in the same way as if we as humans do not have food and water we cannot survive; bacteria cannot survive without water and nutrients. The latest trend is disinfecting everything: actually most cleaning agents kill the bacteria but do not remove them, whereas microfibre cleaning, using only water, removes the bacteria and leaves behind only a dry, clean surface. And no chemical residue! 

What is Ha-Ra's business philosophy? 

Inventor and founder Hans Raab followed a responsible approach to people, nature and the environment. 



  • PEOPLE are the center of our actions. We want to enrich the lives of our employees, distribution partners and customers.
  • NATURE We stand for absolute environmental compatibility and the greatest possible protection of all resources.
  • INNOVATION Countless patents, environmental awards and world records speak for themselves.
  • QUALITY We believe in Quality over Quantity - "Handmade in Germany"


What are the major benefits or Ha-Ra's chemical-free cleaning technology? 

1. From your physical to mental and emotional health – when you have a clean home, clean office or bedroom, you feel better and think clearer. 

2. The Ha-Ra® cleaning systems utlise superior fibre technology that work hard so you don’t have to. The system requires nothing more than a splash of water to eliminate the dirt and grime from every corner of your environment, meaning no more exposure to harsh chemicals.

3. Ha-Ra®’s revolutionary products take the chore out of cleaning and turn it into satisfaction, they are designed to give a better than professional clean in half the time by just adding water making it safe for you, your family, your staff and guests and the environment.

4. Be confident in your chemical-free micro-fibre cleaning and in your Ha-Ra® products as they are backed by a 100% Triple Guarantee.

5. Ha-Ra has been implemented in Hospitals, Caravan Parks, Childcare Centres and Cleaning Businesses Australia wide since 1993. The Ha-Ra Green Glove has been part of Crimsafe's warranty for over 12 years.