Bathroom Cleaning Kit


Nano-Fibre Cleaning Kit designed to tackle even the toughest soap scum and grime, leaving your bathroom surfaces sparkling with minimal effort.

  • Versatile usage: Suitable for shower screens, tiles, sinks, basins, bath tubs etc. 
  • Cost-Effective: Premium Materials ensure a long-life of the fibres
  • Eco-Conscious: Reduce chemical use and disposable waste
  • Works with water only but also contains a highly-concentrated ph-neutral concentrate suitable for very greasy tasks to allow fibres to glide  
  • Drying-Off and Polishing Cloth for fingermarks, glass and mirrors 

The Bathroom Cleaning Kit offers simplicity and effectiveness. It includes a variety of specialized fibres: the Bathroom Glove, Fat & Grease Cloth, and Polishing Cloth. Designed to endure and maintain their shape, these cloths owe their durability to a unique blend of cleaning fibres meticulously attached to a commercial-grade fabric.

What Is In The Kit?
  • Bathroom Glove 
  • Polishing Cloth 
  • Fat and Grease Cloth
  • Protective Formula Rollfix 75ml
How To Use

The versatile Bathroom Glove offers a dual-action approach to bathroom cleaning: its blue side absorbs grime from tiles, sinks, shower screens, and more, while the reverse side leaves surfaces streak-free and dry. For a gleaming finish on chrome taps and sink areas, employ the Polishing Cloth. Included in the Bathroom Cleaning Kit is a convenient Rollfix bottle of our pH-neutral and biodegradable detergent, Protective Formula, ensuring even the toughest cleaning tasks become effortless. Thanks to our specially woven fibre cloths and gloves, you can swiftly remove soap scum and other residues without a trace, all without the need for harsh abrasives or detergents. With just a few cleaning tools, and water, achieve spotless cleanliness across all your bathroom surfaces.

Where To Use

All bathroom surfaces, including glass, mirrors, tiles, tile grout, shower screens, toilets, taps, bathtubs, sinks, basins, cupboards, inside drawers, and beyond.

How Does It Work

For enhanced protection against the effects of hard water and improved cleaning efficiency, we recommend adding a few drops of our pH-neutral and biodegradable Protective Formula to your water. You'll notice the difference immediately.

To tackle stubborn grime, employ the Bathroom Glove and Hedgehog side of the Glove. For watermarks and lighter soap residue, the reverse side achieves equally impressive results. Simply dampen the glove, add two drops of Protective Formula to the water, and rub the surface to be cleaned. Utilize soft, firm strokes to address any tough spots until the grime is lifted. Technique is key here. For thorough dirt removal, lightly dampen the glove and use an s-shaped downward motion, then repeat the process. You'll likely notice the natural brilliance of the surface as it dries perfectly clean, particularly on certain materials.

Follow up with the Polishing Cloth to achieve a flawless finish on taps and similar fixtures or to polish shining surfaces. For ongoing bathroom maintenance, simply rinse the gloves and cloth under running water while they're still moist. You'll find that cleaning becomes much simpler after your initial experience with Ha-Ra. For stubborn build-up or tough-to-reach areas in tile grout, we recommend our powerful Blue Paste as an add-on. This fine marble paste works wonders on surfaces that haven't been cleaned for a while. Use it in combination with the Bathroom Glove or our Grout Brush to tackle tile grout and small corners in your bathroom effectively.

Why Is It Eco-Friendly

Firstly, the detergent included is 99% biodegradable, meaning it breaks down naturally in the environment without leaving harmful residues behind. Additionally, the kit promotes sustainability as it can be used for years to come when properly cared for. By reducing the need for single-use cleaning products and minimizing waste, Ha-Ra Kits contribute to a more environmentally conscious cleaning routine.