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Kit for Cleaning the Restroom
Bathroom Cleansing Equipment
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Bathroom Cleaning Kit

GST included.

Bathroom Cleaning Kit for Shower Screens, Tiles and all other surfaces with a Nano-Fibre Technology 

The Bathroom Cleaning Kit is simple to use. There is a selection of different fibres: the Hedgehog Cleaning Glove and Viva Scrub Cloth - and a Star Polishing Cloth. These cloths last, and hold their shape, because of the unique combination of the cleaning fibres which are attached to a woven fabric.

This kit contains the following items: 

  • Hedgehog Cleaning Glove 
  • Star Polishing Cloth 
  • Viva Scrub Cloth 
  • Protective Formula Rollfix 

The blue side of the Hedgehog Glove is used to absorb the grime on tiles, sinks, shower screens etc. and the reverse side will leave the surface streak-free and dry. Use the Star Polishing Cloth on your chrome taps and around the sink. The Bathroom Cleaning Kit also includes a small Rollfix bottle of our ph neutral and natural detergent called Protective Formula. 

The most challenging bathroom cleaning tasks won't be as difficult thanks to our help. Removing without leaving a trace the accumulation of soap and other unpleasant substances. With our specifically woven fibre cloths and gloves, cleaning is quick and simple. Work without using abrasives or strong, unpleasant detergents. All your bathroom surfaces will be spotlessly clean with just two gloves, a polishing cloth, and water. 

To protect your hands from the effects of hard water and to act as a wetting agent, we advise adding a few drops of our pH-neutral Protective Formula to the water. The changes will be visible immediately. Ha-Ra offers a comprehensive selection of cleaning kits for virtually every use, including windows, screens, floors, kitchens, laundry rooms, outdoor spaces, and automobiles. The outcomes will astound you.

To remove thick filth, utilise the Hedgehog side of the Glove. With watermarks and lighter soap residue, the reverse side achieves the same results. You only need to dampen the glove and rub the surface to be cleaned after adding two drops of Protective Formula to the water. Repeat over any difficult places with soft, firm strokes until all the filth is brought up to the surface. It's crucial to use technique with this glove. To completely remove the loose dirt from the surface you are cleaning, slightly dampen the glove and apply an s-shaped downward motion. Once you have covered the entire surface, repeat the s-stroke. Depending on the material, you may notice its natural brilliance as it dries immaculately clean. Follow up with the Star Polishing Cloth. Use this cloth to polish taps and other similar fixtures or to get a flawless finish on shining surfaces. The gloves and cloth can be used for bathroom maintenance cleaning by simply giving them a quick rinse under running water while they are still moist. You'll probably discover that cleaning is considerably simpler after the first Ha-Ra experience. 

If you have stubborn build-up or areas in the tile grout that need to be cleaned we recommend our powerful Blue Paste as an add-on. This fine marble paste can be used to shine up any surfaces that haven't been cleaned for a while. You can used the Blue Paste in combination with the Hedgehog Glove or an old toothbrush to get into the tile grout and small corners in your bathroom. 

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