All-In-One Multi Surface Cleaning Set + FREE SPRAY BOTTLE

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Introducing Ha-Ra's newest must-have cleaning set for all surfaces including kitchens and bathrooms! This carefully curated bundle is essential for eco-conscious homeowners seeking effective and sustainable cleaning solutions and includes the following products: 

  • Ph-neutral Rollfix 75 ml 
  • One-Sided Kitchen Cloth to loosen stubborn dirt and grime 
  • Mini All Purpose Cleaning and Polishing Cloth to dry off 
  • Free Spray Bottle as a gift from us 

The centrepiece of this set is our innovative ph-neutral Rollfix, crafted to deliver an even distribution of our ph-neutral concentrate. Its compact size means you can easily roll the concentrate on to specific areas or fibres that require attention. This practice not only saves you money and reduces plastic waste but also ensures that your cleaning process remains gentle and safe for all surfaces.

Complementing the ph-neutral Rollfix, the one-sided Kitchen Cloth with the Viva Fibre comes as your toughest ally against the most stubborn dirt and grime. This powerhouse mini fibre is designed to loosens particles effortlessly, making it the ideal pre-cleaning tool for both kitchens and bathrooms. Say goodbye to harsh scrubbing and hello to a quick and gentle glide that does all the hard work for you.

Finally, to add the perfect finishing touch, the Mini All Purpose Cleaning and Polishing Cloth is your go-to for achieving streak-free shine across a variety of surfaces. Whether it’s stainless steel appliances, shiny countertops, or gleaming fixtures, this polishing cloth wicks away moisture and buffs surfaces to leave them gleaming without any residual lint.

This Ha-Ra set encapsulates the perfect union of efficiency, sustainability, and high performance, ensuring that your cleaning routine is as pleasant as the results it produces. Elevate your cleaning game with Ha-Ra's latest innovation and make every clean-up a breeze, while contributing to a greener planet.