Damp Dusting Glove


The delicate one – especially for wooden furniture. Our Natura glove is the alternative to microfiber. Its high-quality cotton blend feels particularly benefical on all smooth furniture surfaces.

  • Combines gentle care, high water absorption and strong cleaning power in one Glove 
  • It has been designed to collect the grime and moisture loosened by the Viva and Ultra fibres as well as to collect dust 
  • It absorbs as well as collects dirt due to its cotton fibres 

The Natura Cleaning Glove is a combination of polyester and cotton fibres that cleans and dries in one step with the convenience of a glove. There is no need to polish as the surface will dry streak-free. The Natura Cleaning Glove is also ideal for damp dusting as the polyester fibre cleans and moisturises while the cotton fabric absorbs the water and dirt.

58%: white polyester fibre 42%: natural cotton fibre Pile height: 11mm

How to use
Add a drop of ph-neutral Protective Formula to 2 litres of water, immerse the cleaning glove and then wring it out. The fibre can also be wetted with plain water. Wipe the surface to be cleaned. No need to dry, the surface will dry without streaking. It should be used in a downward S motion to prevent dropping any dust particles 

Where to use
The Natura Cleaning Glove is suitable for cleaning the living area, cabinets, colourfast leather furniture, doors, furniture, glass and marble tables, office furniture televisions, window frames, wood and plastic surfaces, wood paneling, bathroom surfaces, plumbing and wet areas, car surfaces, dashboards, metallic duco surfaces, tiles, shower walls and any place where there is dust or dirt.

How it works
Our Natura glove is the alternative to microfibre. Its high-quality blended cotton fabric feels particularly smooth on all surfaces especially furniture. This Glove has been designed to clean lightly soiled areas and replaces the spray and wipe systems. It is important to note that this partly cotton glove absorbs as well as collects dirt. The Natura Glove should always be used after the Viva and Ultra fibres. You be amazed to see how much extra grime is removed and moisture collected. It may cause streaking and a cloudy effect on surfaces with a chemical/detergent build up. Therefore we recommend to try a small area first. The glove has been designed to clean larger surfaces as well as to protect the hands from injuries. 

What do other people think about the Damp Dusting Glove:

"I have tried many chemical free cleaning products but have been using the Ultra Glove and Natura Glove for many years. It is a great cleaning system for bathrooms and showers." Marianne 

"One of the best bathroom cleaning products I have ever tried. I keep the Ultra Glove in my shower and dry off afterwards with the Natura Glove. No chemicals needed." Sandra 

"Why kill 99.9% bacteria if you can REMOVE 100% without chemicals." Carola

"Ha-Ra's cleaning gloves are absolutely amazing. Using them has transformed the way I clean my shower stalls, windows, and outdoor areas." Melvin