Dry Dusting Glove


Color: yellow

Our dry dusting glove is the electricity-free and allergy-friendly alternative to the hand vacuum cleaner. It is the perfect glove for dusting furniture and surfaces that should not be wet cleaned.

  • The special synthetic fibre charges itself statically and magically
  • The Glove attracts and holds loose dirt such as dust, hair and crumbs - without any cleaning agents
  • Ideal for dusting furniture and hard to reach areas
  • Power-saving and allergy-friendly alternative to the handheld vacuum cleaner

Stop the sneezing! With the Dry Dusting Glove you will remove dust easily and keep any loose dust from flying around with a simple wipe. This product is ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers.


100% polyester, pile height: 22mm

How to use
Use dry only. Rub the glove a few times before use to create static energy that will enhance the dust retaining quality of the glove. Wipe the surface gently in an S motion.

Where to use
Pure synthetic fibre for dusting wherever a wet clean is not possible. Recommended for dusting in the entire living area, including furniture, bookshelves, louvres, shutters, venetian blinds and green plants. For dry cleaning, particularly of loose dirt such as dust, hair and crumbs. Can be used on all smooth surfaces throughout the household. 

What do other people think about the Dry Dusting Glove:
"We originally purchased our Ha-Ra® cloths and gloves about 2 years ago and they look as if they will last a further 2 years. Considering the amount of use they get cleaning our 30 unit motel, this speaks volumes for their ability to withstand wear and tear. In the first 12 months of use we saved approximately $1,000 directly by not purchasing chemicals that the Ha-Ra® cloths have replaced. In addition we estimate that we saved between $4,000 and $5,000 in wages. This is a direct result of the cleaners being able to clean the units more quickly and efficiently. This strategy of chemical elimination has resulted in this business achieving accreditation through the "Better Business Tourism Accreditation Program. ”Jim and Diane Bates Twin City Motor Inn, Albury Wodonga

"We have the Green Glove from Ha-Ra and thought we will give the Yellow one a go. All I can say is: WOW! Instead of moving the dust around, this Glove really absorbs it all. Very easy to use! Highly recommend." Ben

"We have been using the Ha-Ra Glove range in our cleaning business. These commercial cleaning products are of very high quality. The initial investment is more, but they definitely do a better job and withstand the tough requirements.” Annabela

“I have tried various different eco friendly cleaning products but nothing comes close to the Ha-Ra quality. Their cleaning products are outstanding. I particularly like the Dry Dusting Glove as it absorbs fine hair and dust from my door runners and tracks. Had it for many years and purchased a few more along the way for my caravan and friends. Highly recommend it anyone who would like to make the switch to an easier way of cleaning.” Monica