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Mach 6 Cleaning Glove

Cleaning Glove

The Mach 6 Cleaning Glove is a great all-rounder suitable for cleaning smooth surfaces in the convenience of a glove. The cleaning power of the Mach 6 Cleaning Glove is created by the action of the glove itself: when you wipe a surface with the glove it makes the bubbles of water burst, creating high intensity cleaning power that deep cleans. As the Cleaning Glove is highly absorbent, you will easily remove any dirt and bacteria.

White fibre: 100% polyester, 13 mm pile with very high capillary action Blue-white fibre: pile height 20mm

How to use
Add 2 drops of Protective Formula to 5 litres of water. Immerse the glove in water and wring out. If there are large amounts of dirt more water may be required. Use the blue side in an S-motion first in order to loosen the dirt, then use the white side to absorb the dirt and residue. Buff the surface with a Brilliant Polishing Cloth.

Where to use
Suitable for all surfaces, including smooth plastic and acrylics. All timber excluding polished antiques, glass marks on walls, mirrors, natural stone bench tops e.g. granite and caesar stone, shower screens, splash backs, stainless steel, two-pac kitchens.

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Cleaning Glove