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Hedgehog Cleaning Glove

Cleaning Glove

The Hedgehog Glove delivers high power kitchen and bathroom cleaning and drying with the convenience of a glove. It features nanofibres, about 35 million actually, which means you can tackle the dirty surfaces in the kitchen or the bathroom and get results in less time and with less effort than with other cleaning options. The blue side is designed to tear through the dirt, while the white side dries.

Top: 100% polyester, pile height 6mm. Combining blue monofibres with white nanofibres. Bottom: 100% polyester, tightly woven, pile height 8mm. White nano fibres.

How to use
Use the Hedgehog glove wet and add some Ha-Ra Protective Formula or Saponella for very dirty/greasy surfaces.

Where to use
This product is suited to the kitchen as it effortlessly cleans multiple surfaces and products such as cook tops, ovens, pots, sinks, stainless steel surfaces and utensils. It is also a great solution for bathroom as it removes dirty tile grout.

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