What's so remarkable about Ha-Ra® Dry Dusting Fibres?

The Ha-Ra® Dry Dusting Glove is made from a special & secret synthetic fibre (which is NOT a microfibre) and excellent for dry dusting all areas of the home and office. It’s fibres build up a static charge that collects dust, making it beneficial for asthmatics and people with allergies. Its easy to use - rub gently to activate the charge and then gently pull in a light S motion over the surface to be cleaned. It should not be used on wet surfaces.

With a 22mm pile height, it will clean your living area, lampshades, antiques, wooden stairs, glazing, computer keys, bed frames, plants, book shelves and furniture. The Ha-Ra® Dry Dusting Glove is easy to care for - simply shake outdoors after use, vacuum or hand wash with Protective Formula. It removes spiderwebs super-fast and easy and is also very handy in animal care to remove loose hair from your pet. 

This high-quality fibre is not just available as a confident Glove it is also designed for your Ha-Ra® Floor System to reach under furniture or up to high areas. We recommend using the Dry Dusting Floor Pad as a Pre-Cleaner to pick up loose dirt, dust and fluff from all floors. It is also effective on walls and ceilings. Use an S motion and its natural static electricity will collect and remove the material. 

Happy dusting! 

Ha-Ra Australia