Efficacy of Ha-Ra confirmed by Australian labs.

During the cleaning process, millions of hair-like fibres work to loosen the most stubborn of dirt and grease particles, simultaneously collecting the particles with an advanced capillary action delivering a germ-free clean. This results have been proven by independent Australian Laboratories Bernard-Heath-Associates and Medvet Science.

No matter your cleaning problem - Ha-Ra® has the answer!

Ha-Ra® fibres greatly improve any cleaning task, are environmentally-friendly and guaranteed to last for years. By using Ha-Ra® chemical-free fibre technology you can achieve a clean and hygienic environment that cares for your health, your wallet and the environment. Ha-Ra® offers various options for Window Cleaning, Floor Cleaning, Bathroom Maintanance, Kitchen Cleaning - without the hassle of expensive Steam Cleaners, Chemicals or Rubber Gloves. 

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