You may clean your RV in 8 different ways.

Don't waste water and go chemical-free using the Ha-Ra Cleaning Gloves. We’ve gathered our top tidy tips to deliver you the shiniest caravan on the road without chemicals and bottles.

1: Avoid high-pressure cleaners. High water pressure can be a bit too intense for caravans, allowing water to seep into potentially weak seals and tiny gaps.

2: INSIDE: Use one bucket of water to clean the interior with a Ultra Cleaning Glove and a Star Polishing Cloth. This will clean any grease and grime around stove cupboards. The windows must be pristine to assist with glare and sunlight that can reduce good focus particularly at sunset and dawn. The

Ultra Cleaning Glove and Star Polishing Cloth will remove the slime which is attached by the upholstry and sunlight using the Ultra Cleaning Glove and Star Polishing Cloth you will scrub into the fine indentations and absorb the residue with the Star Polishing Cloth.

3. OUTSIDE: Remove the fine dust on hubcaps or mags wheels using a damp Green Cleaning Glove. This Glove will also assist you to clean the steps and Floors plus your Screens. Use the Ultra Cleaning Glove and Star Polishing Cloth for Windows and Glass areas. The Green Cleaning Glove is also available as a Floor Cleaning System to maintain various Floors and reach higher areas. No step ladders required.

4: Wash from the top down. Use the Floor Cleaning System and Green Floor Cleaning Pad to clean the roof first and work your way down. This means you’re utilising gravity to help get the worst of the dirt off the sections you’re yet to wash. It also prevents washed areas being covered in dirty run-offs.

5: Give the windows special treatment to remove insects using the Ultra Cleaning Glove and Star Polishing Cloth.

6: Avoid chemicals on canvas. If your caravan has a pop-top roof or awning with canvas elements, be careful and avoid using chemicals or soaps on the fabric, as they may wear through the canvas. Simply wash any fabrics with water and a Ultra Cleaning Glove and ensure the canvas is completely dry before folding it back up to avoid mould and mildew. Air dry of dry off with a towel. 

7: To avoid the appearance of unsightly water spots after you wash, give your caravan a good wipe with a Star Polishing Cloth or a dry towel for best results. 

8: Treat your caravan like your home. Cleaning the inside of your caravan is much like cleaning your home. Vacuum the flooring, dust all surfaces, wipe out the cupboards and freshen up the fridge. If you use the same cleaning products as you use at home, you’ll get a similar result and no doubt be happy with the cleanliness of your second home. For a chemical free clean use the Ultra Cleaning Glove for the kitchen and grease areas and the Mach 6 Cleaning Glove and Star Polishing Cloth for all the interior. 

Last job: The Floors! Explore Ha-Ra®'s flexible and smart Floor Cleaning System in combination with a Yellow and Green Floor Cleaning Pad and replace the vacuum cleaner in no time.


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