Clean your windows and screens in 3 easy steps in under 10 minutes.

The Ha-Ra Glass and Window Cleaning Kit is clever, easy to use, fast and efficient. It combines our hard-wearing Mach 6 Cleaning Glove with the lightweight Window Cleaner that cleans and dries. And there is the Crystal Cleaning Cloth to finish off each window. Follow these 3 steps to clean your Windows in less than 10 minutes:
Step 1 - Screens: 
Dampen the 
Green Cleaning Glove with just water and use a circular motion on Fly- or Securityscreens. The Green Cleaning Glove does the heavy work of cleaning the worst of the grime, dirt and even sand from screens, window frames and from door and window runners. Your screens will stay cleaner for longer as you don't appy any chemcials onto the fine mesh. 

Step 2 - Glass: 
The versatile 
Window Cleaner has two working edges - one composed of fibres for cleaning and the other of long-lasting rubber for drying. When cleaning, you simply add water to wet (but not soak) the fibre layers that act as a reservoir. We also recommend you apply two drops of our pH neutral Protective Formula to the Window Cleaner as it breaks the tension of the water. Use long, light strokes to cover the entire window - remember the fibre need only touch the surface. When drying, apply light pressure to the rubber blade and work from the top down, cathcing any water at the bottom in the cleaning fibres. Avoid streaks by using the blade at a slight angle. 
Step 3 - Dry Off:
Dry the tip of the rubber blade after every downward stroke using the 
Crystal Cleaning Cloth or Star Polish Cloth. For a perfect finish you can use the Cloth to wipe around the window edges. Just rinse the fibres of your Window Cleaner under running water and throw your Glove and Cloth into the washing machine - your Glass and Window Cleaning Kit is now ready for next time. 
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