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How to clean your grout

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Keeping your grout clean

Grout is something that we all have to contend with in our weekly clean! Whether it is in your bathroom or on floors it always tends to get dirty and discoloured no matter how much we scrub it!


Grout is a material that is applied between tiles in order to fill the spaces and hold the tiles together. It is a rough and porous material, which allows dirt and grime to adhere to it very easily.  Furthermore, liquid substances can penetrate deep within the grout causing it to look discoloured. This is evident with tile flooring and the in the grout in your bathroom tiles.


If you have dirty and stained grout we recommend wetting a Viva Ultra Cleaning Cloth slightly and then work in the Blue Cleaning Paste to the stained area. Rinse after use, no further washing is required.

You can save the 
Blue Cleaning Paste on your Viva Ultra Cleaning Cloth, don’t rinse it, and keep these products together for your next clean. Once the grout build up is removed you can then maintain this using the larger Hedgehog Gold Floor Cleaning Pad on the Floor Cleaning Mop.

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