Cleaning and Asthma: Mold and Dust Mites

We recently had a customer contact us to clean their home as their daughter had been diagnosed as an Asthmatic due to the mould build up in the home.

The only reason we have mould is that the surfaces are not clean, and dust and moisture combined form this bacteria.

Using the Ha-Ra fibre cleaning system we removed the dirt and dried the surfaces thoroughly hence the mould can not grow. There was no food eg: dust and moisture, left for the mould to grow on.

With such high humidity it is inevitable that you will end up with mould growing in areas that you do not think about cleaning on a regular basis. Door frames and hinges are a common example as well as glass windows, runners and tracks, and of course high ceilings where moisture and dust can build up and fuel large amounts of mould. Check your carpets and floor mats. They will smell of mould if not cleaned and the dust removed - this is a high mould risk area. 

While I was doing the quote for the customer I pulled her daughter's bed back and lifted the mattress to find mould under and around the frame of the bed.  The total home was cleaned using the Ha-Ra micro fibre system from top to toe, removing all the mould. 

I might add we used 25 buckets of water!

The fibres of the Green Glove and Green Floor Pad literally absorbed the sand and dirt into the fabric to be washed away with only water.  

A great result." 

Ha-Ra Australia