There is much anticipation for our upcoming cleaning with Ha-Ra.

"For some time now, I have been procrastinating about ridding my household of at least some of the smelly, toxic cleaning chemicals we seem to think are necessary.  I have always been concerned about the fact that I clean surfaces that my daughter comes into contact with constantly, with poisons.  While we may be killing the germs, what are we doing to our family?

I purchased the vinegar and bi-carbonate soda and there it sat because I didn't really know where to start - it all seemed too hard when I could pick up the familiar chemicals and do my cleaning.

About six weeks ago I was introduced to Ha-Ra and without wanting to sound corny, it has change my life - certainly the way I clean.  I have never done so much cleaning because it is so easy to just pick up the relevant fibre cloth and with just water I am able to clean and wipe at the same time - no messy rinsing.

I was sceptical at first because we are creatures of habit but the proof is in the pudding.  It is difficult to explain to people how easily these products work - I always say you need to experience the products then you will understand.  I started with the Ultra and Natura and I am gradually adding to my cleaning tools as I find out more about the uses of the cloths.  I am amazed at how the cloths can lift grease without the use of chemicals.

Natura glove - change your life!

"I have to say that Ha-Ra is no good for my image - I seem to be cleaning all the time because it is so simple and the result is brilliant.  My floors no longer have that sticky feel when you walk barefoot on the ceramic tiles and my bathroom gleams with very little effort.  I have actually cleaned areas I couldn't be bothered with before - like fly screens."

I am not saying that Ha-Ra is the only way I can clean my house - or that the fibre cloths are the only cloths that will clean. What I am saying is that I feel very good about the fact that my house is free of the poisons that I have been spraying and wiping with for such a long time and that cleaning has become so much less of a chore.

Thank you for introducing me to Ha-Ra - I actually enjoy cleaning these days."

Kind regards


Bridgeman Downs

Ha-Ra Australia