Learn the Ha-Ra secret to spotless cleaning of your towels, mats, and gloves.

The Protective Formula (Blue Drops) serves as a gentle care product to complement the Ha-Ra fibre cleaning. It supports the Ha-Ra fibres in cleaning and at the same time cares for the cleaned surfaces. 

  • One of the most versatile natural cleaning products in the world
  • Gained popularity over 30 years
  • 100% natural ingredients and fragrances
  • 99% biodegradable
  • Ph-neutral and preservative-free
  • Skin-protection ingredients (glycerine)
  • Extremely environmentally friendly⠀
  • Eliminates the need for any other cleaning #detergents ⠀
  • Only a very small amount can be applied with the Rollfix bottle ⠀
  • Makes up to 7,000 cleaning buckets per bottle
  • Available in handy 75ml, 500ml and 10l sizes!

Did you know you can refill our 500ml & Rollfix Protective Formula bottles? Our 10l container was invented for commercial purposes but its gaining popularity in domestic households as you save 48% compared to the 500ml bottles. 

Your Ha-Ra cleaning gloves, cloths and floor pads are made using the latest cleaning fibre technology. By following our tips and care instructions and caring for them properly they will love you back and last for years!