Ha-Ra and BIG4 Vacation Resorts: Spotless and Eco-Friendly

We are very excited to launch our campaign with BIG4 Holiday Parks for this season. If you make the change to Ha-Ra® you can rest assured that you are using the world leader in chemical free fibre based cleaning for domestic & commercial purposes.

We are the strongest and last the longest. Our products are manufactured in Germany since 1970 with the highest possible quality standards. Ha-Ra® covers all cleaning needs while being environmentally friendly and cost-effective as part of the sustainable Eco Tourism. We have been working with BIG4 Parks for the past +20 years. 

"We have been using Ha Ra for over 20 years not only chemical free they are so durable and last for years unlike other products. Could not recommend highly enough.For the best and most efficient way to clean mirrors screens and Glass I wouldn’t use anything else.  Once you have Ha Ra clean windows you will be addicted." Warm Regards Lorraine Golightly - BIG4 Beacon Resort 
“As a business we have been using Ha-Ra products for nearly 20 years. We saved thousands over the years on cleaning equipment. The durability and the life span of the cloths is amazing. Love all the mits for their efficiency and ability to do the job effectively. Knowledge accompanied with great service dispensed with humour by Bindy and Leon has always been a part of this successful business." Marion Holiday Park




A high-quality Ha-Ra® stainless steel mopping system will last 10 to +18 years. Only using water this will save you having to purchase cleaning chemicals and disinfectants in general. 


Ha-Ra Australia