If your laundry could talk, how "green" would it be?

The water bills will be in the mail soon, and it sounds as though the price of water will continue to increase. So with rising costs, is there a greener way to do the laundry and save a few dollars in the long term? Here are a few tips to save water, choose greener products, or even go low-tech: 

  • A single load in the washing machine can use up to 130 litres of water in a top loader, so only wash a full load and use the water-level settings to avoid waste.
  • Water heating uses a lot of energy, so wash in cold water whenever possible.
  • If you are ready to buy a new washing machine, consider a front loader as they only use about 30 litres per wash.  The star rating will tell you how efficient the machine is, saving you money over the years.
  • Use concentrated, fully biodegradable detergents, and in refillable or recyclable containers.
  • If you need a dryer, look for a machine with moisture sensor technology that turns off when your clothes are dry.  Even better, hang your clothes to dry outside in the fresh air, your clothes will last longer! For rainy days look at installing a retractable laundry line in the laundry or garage. Make sure these areas are aired to prevent indoor mould.

The U.S. based Project Laundry List has an FAQ  for more information on greening your laundry.

Do you have any clever tips on saving money or energy when doing the laundry?

Ha-Ra Australia