Asthma attacks from mould?

Winter + Dirt = Living Spores 

With the cold setting in and the rain that won't go away, the moisture and dust lying around our homes make a lovely cocktail to grow mould spores.

So let's rug up and clean up for a healthy winter!

To help with the prevention of asthma and allergies, we recommend removing any dust with the  Ha-Ra® Microfibre Yellow Glove. The Yellow Glove, which is recommended by the European Asthma Foundation, is made of a synthetic micro fibre that traps the dust into the fabric. 

The Ha-Ra® Yellow Microfibre Glove is a quick fix to get rid of dust from all dry surfaces, especially blinds and slat louvres. You can then just vacuum the dust out, or tap the glove against an outside wall to remove dust.

I first introduced Ha-Ra® Micro fibre cleaning to Australia in 1993, and over the years many asthma sufferers have purchased the Yellow Glove.

If you clean with a natural fibre, like lambs wool or a feather duster, dust mites will grow in the fabric and multiply. 

Used dry, the Ha-Ra® Yellow Glove uses static electricity to literally absorb and remove the dust particles from your home. It also works to remove the soot produced by air-conditioning units due to car exhaust fumes.

Make dusting easy for yourself and use a Yellow Glove:

  • It’s a more effective way to dry dust
  • It collects dust into the fibres through a static charge
  • It doesn’t transfer dust from one place to the other
  • The hard-wearing Glove protects your hand
  • It’s made of synthetic fibres that will not harbour or grow dust mite.
  • The fibres are long lasting and can be washed in the washing machine multiple times

What does it clean?  All your dry dusty indoor surfaces, from antiques to bookshelves and textile lounges.

Whether you or your loved one suffers from asthma or not, you need a Ha-Ra® Microfiber Yellow Glove. 

Ha-Ra Australia