Ha-Ra makes bond washing simple.

I helped a friend clean a rental property over the weekend. Quick steps to an easy bond clean: start at the top and work your way down! After years in property management my friend said she always goes clock-wise in each room so she doesn’t overlook anything.

The tenants did clean the house before they left but did not do a great job. So rather than ask them to come back and do another half-hearted job, we brought our buckets and Ha-Ra microfibers to the rescue…

Here’s how you can do the same, save your hands, your lungs and lots of time!

  1. Use a floor system with a dry Yellow pad to remove any cobwebs and dust from ceilings and walls.
  2. Clean the kitchen: you can use a floor system with whichever wet floor pad you have to clean the top of kitchen cabinets. Finish off with a wet glove (I used my Mach 6). Wipe the inside then outside of cabinets with glove. Scrub handles with the Scrub Cloth.
  3. Clean the Oven: I removed grease with a Scrub Cloth and lots of water. Then to remove the baked-on build up I used Blue Paste with the Scrub Cloth. After wiping clean I then polished the lot off with a Sapphire Cloth.
  4. Clean the Bathroom: scrub away the build up in the basin and toilet with the Scrub Cloth, and use Kalkex in the toilet to remove any stubborn stains. The shower was cleaned with a Hedgehog Glove and polished dry with a Polishing Cloth.
  5. Blinds: I gave the blinds a quick vacuum, then a wipe with a damp Natura Glove.
  6. Clean the Floors: the non-slip floors in the bathroom were cleaned with a Scrub Floorpad. There were small stains in the carpet and they came out with a Green Glove and some Rollfix.

And of course we did the windows quick smart with our trusted Window Cleaner. No need for scrunched up newspapers or vinegar!

Do you have any other tips to make bond cleans easier?

Ha-Ra Australia