Will Ha-Ra ever switch from Palm Oil?

We recently received an email from a concerned consumer asking us about the Palm Oil present in the Ha-Ra Protective Formula – a very important question as the production of Palm Oil can have detrimental environmental and social impacts. 

Here’s an excerpt from the message we received:

I have just returned from an expedition cruise to Borneo to see the orang-utans and visit the rescue centres and the orphanage at Camp Leakey ... A fabulous experience. However, not many are aware of the terrible destruction being caused by the palm oil industry not only to the wildlife but also the environment. It is a major contributor to world CO2 emissions. Also there is a difference between sustainable palm oil growing and the illegal and destructive practices occurring. As an eco company that uses palm oil, are you aware of where and how your palm oil is being produced? Is it certified? 

There is a small amount of palm oil in our Protective Formula, but we are happy to confirm that Ha-Ra only uses Certified Sustainable Palm Oil. For consumers who are avoiding palm oil completely, the use of Protective Formula is not a mandatory step in the Ha-Ra cleaning process – the fibre systems are designed to work dry or with just a little water. Protective Formula is just an option for those who have particularly difficult cleaning situations and wish to resolve the issue with a little more ease, or for those who would like to soften the water they are cleaning with.  

Ha-Ra is passionate about the environment and providing safe, sustainable and healthy options for cleaning. All our products are designed with sustainability in mind; they last for years, require no chemical use and use only a small amount of water, if any. 

We encourage you to review your cleaning and other household activities and actions to ensure you are making the best decisions for your health and the environment. 

Don’t be afraid to ask companies about their use of palm oil just as the concerned consumer contacted us. Get to know what you are bringing into your home and decide what you want to do with that knowledge.

Your cleaning decisions don’t have to cost the earth.


Ha-Ra Australia