An Instructional Guide to Thorough Floor Cleaning

Did you know that using chemicals to clean your floors is not only damaging to your health, but could leave smearing agents that leach into the floor surface and ruin your expensive floors?

Here are Ha-Ra’s steps for cleaning floors the healthy, safe and fast way:

Step 1: Use the Yellow Floor Pad dry to dust, remove pet hair and give a general sweep of the main floor areas removing surface debris. With a twist of the floor apparatus you can use the pad to dust off all your kickboards and skirting boards that are sometimes forgotten. 

Step 2: Follow with the Hedgehog Soft Floor Pad used with a little water to clean smooth tiled floors, bamboo, marble, lino, travertine, concrete or slate. Use the Mach 6 Floor Pad for timber floors. For outdoor flooring use the Green Pad or the Hedgehog Gold.

Step 3: Dry off the floor with the White Long White Short Pad. For a streak free floor the pads need rinsing and squeezing between wipes. Streaks appear either because the cloth is too wet or by using dirty pads, remember you can’t clean with a dirty cloth.  

Top tips:

  • Team your floor system with the Press Butler Bucket; it does the rinsing and squeezing for you.
  • To leave your floors with a shiny finish without residue and give your timber, bamboo, vinyl etc. floors nourishment for longer life, you can add Carnauba Natural Care floor wax to the water. This may be used on all floor types.

You will have noticed that across these steps and tips there is NO call for harsh chemicals – NO bleach, NO detergent. They just aren’t needed.  

The saying ‘floors so clean you could eat off them’ rings true when you clean with Ha-Ra; the floors are clean, hygienic and chemical-free so you could in-fact eat off them! Could you imagine eating off a bleach- or chemical-cleaned floor? We certainly wouldn’t, especially when we go to such efforts to remove chemicals from our food production.

Ha-Ra Australia