Discounted Floor Washing in March of 2021

The Ha-Ra Floor Cleaning Kit with its long-lasting steel design and two floor pads is suitable for all floor types and has earned itself a commercial grade reputation through Holiday Parks, Hospital Steriliser Departments and Childcare Centres. The Dry Yellow Duster absorbs fine dust and dirt and replaces the vacuum cleaner and the Green Floor Pad cleans, scrubs and absorbs dirt. 

This Kit includes: 

  • 30 cm Steel System 
  • Yellow Floor Pad (Duster) 30 cm 
  • Green Floor Pad (Cleaner) 30 cm 
  • Rollfix Bottle Protective Formula (Natural Detergent) 
  • Mini Natura Cloth (Ideal for damp dusting) 
  • Mini Dry Absorbing Cloth (Ideal for Kitchen bench tops) 
  • Soap Pad (Ideal for the Bathroom) 

Using the Floor Cleaning Kit with just micro-fibre technology and water allows you to spend less time cleaning, cut out chemical use, achieve a better clean and prevent damage to your floors. 

The Floor Cleaning Kit is made from high-grade stainless steel and comes with a strong, long aluminium handle. The ‘S’ joint makes it rotate in all directions which eliminates bending over, and makes cleaning walls, skirting and kick boards a breeze. The stainless steel has a commercial rating and is also excellent for domestic use. The floor pads can be used on a range of floor surfaces to remove dirt and grime as well as built up layers of chemicals.

How to use
Insert one end of the metal bar into the floor pad. Apply pressure onto the metal pedal at the top of the floor express and lift, and insert the other end. Push down to lock it in place. To clean, use an 's' motion over the floor in order to collect larger particles while the fibre gets into indentations.

For a streak free floor the pads needs rinsing and squeezing. Streaks appear either because the cloth is too wet or by using dirty pads, remember you can't clean with a dirty cloth. Team your floor system with the Press Butler bucket, it does the rinsing and squeezing for you. To leave your floors with a shiny finish without residue and give your timber, bamboo, vinyl etc. floors nourishment for longer life, you can add Carnauba Natural Care floor wax to the water. This may be used on all floor types.

To improve the longevity of your pads and to protect your hands, add a few drops of Protective Formula to your water to help the floor pads glide more smoothly. As it is a natural lubricant using a small amount of Protective Formula when cleaning your floors will also help maintain the moving parts in your Floor Cleaning Kit.

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