Learn the tricks of keeping your shower's glass clean.

At some point we have all been faced with cleaning a horrible shower screen covered in grime and scum.

There are two main causes of this.  


The white buildup on your shower doors, walls, floors- really anywhere there is water present comes from minerals naturally present in the water.

When the water evaporates, the minerals are left behind. If they are allowed to sit long enough they can become concrete like in their hardness and can become embedded in the glass and near impossible to remove completely. 


Soap scum is a byproduct of bar soap interacting with your body oils. This grimy film will not cause permanent damage to glass or ceramic but it can be hard to remove. 

So what are the options to clean this off. You can use horrible chemicals that can cause health problems and make you feel sick or you can simply use the Ha-Ra Dark Blue Ultra Glove, Window Cleaner and Star Polishing Cloth to achieve a fantastic result each time. 

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