Boronia Door Centre Melbourne now carries Ha-Ra Green Glove for Security Doors and Windows.

Boronia Door Centre is the leading supplier of timber doors in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. With over 100 doors on display in the Bayswater Showroom you are sure to find the door you are looking for. Boronia Doors has been selling front doors & internal doors for over 35 years and the objective has always been to supply customers with a personalised service using extensive knowledge and a practical approach including the right equipment to keep your doors in a perfect condition. 

Cleaning your door frames, runners and tracks of droppings, cobwebs, dust and dirt is really quick and simple with the Ha-Ra Green Glove. Just damp it with some water and wipe the surfaces. The Glove protects your fingers so you can get in the grooves and tracks. Be reassured that doors and surfaces stay cleaner for longer when no chemicals are smeared on to them. 

The professional team at Boronia Door Centre will bring your dreams and expectations into fruition - combining the latest product trends and designs with a environmentally friendly approach while providing outstanding customer service. 

Explore the product range online or at their local Showroom in Bayswater. 

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