How to Have a Green Barbecue

It’s the time of year where your weekends are filled with camp fires and backyard bbq's, but with all of that fun comes quite a bit of waste. How often are you eating a burger off a throwaway plate or sipping a drink out of a plastic cup? Here are a few things to consider when it comes to your BBQ: 

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products 

Cleaning a BBQ can be a tricky chore and most cleaning products can be very harsh to tackle this job. Keep in mind, what’s harmful for our environment can’t be beneficial for our own health. Harsh chemicals can also destroy the surfaces of your bbq and make it more difficult to clean in the long run. Always check the ingredients on the labels of your cleaning products. A few cloths and gloves suited to your BBQ cleaning job will perform great results while only using water! 

Sustainable and Reusable Options 

The time of single-use bbq’s is over! There are many sustainable options that allow to reuse your equipment. This should also be considered when it comes to your plates and cutlery. Instead of single use plastic, opt in for long-lasting stainless steel that can be reused. 

Charcoal is not just Charcoal

Have you ever wondered where your charcoal comes from? From Eastern Europe, South America and even Africa, often from uncertified deforestations. It is best to pay attention to the use of local supplies and certifications, because this proves the use of wood from sustainable forestry. If you want to go a step further, there are alternatives available: coal, for example, that is made from the waste of olive oil pressing (kernels, shells, etc.).

Take your time 

The best thing about having a bbq is actually the process itself. Avoid using chemical lighters or fire accelerators. Instead, use a little patience and natural materials such as cardboard, paper or branches. And if there are barbecue lighters, there are also FSC-certified products available.

What’s on your plate? 

We know that excessive meat consumption is not necessarily beneficial to a long and healthy life. There are delicious and healthy alternatives to grilled meat available. As with many things in life, it’s all about finding the right mix and balance. Keep in mind that meat is not just meat. Opt in for organic and local options - without factory farming, the addition of hormones and antibiotics. 

From the heart! 

This topic is very close to our heart: waste! You know this problem from busy public places. The whole day is celebrated and as soon as the sun goes down there are overfilled bins and garbage bags left. With the use of reusable utensils you have already made the first step into the right direction. Waste prevention does not start with disposal, but with shopping. Take a quick look back so that nothing is left behind so we can all take a big step towards a more sustainable future. 

Translated from Ha-Ra Germany - Oliver Böhres 
Ha-Ra Australia