The chemical-free cleaning products from Ha-Ra can be reused and refilled, rather than thrown away.

Refill Not Landfill - For almost 50 years we have been known for our sustainable quality, innovation and a life in harmony with nature. 

Our recyclable bottles are robust and hygienic offering a safe way to delivery our natural detergent to your doorstep.  Here's how our new campaign aims to stop bottles going into landfill. 

How does this work?  

- Are you a fan of our natural detergent, the Protective Formula and purchase this product regularly? 

- Do you have already one or more empty bottles collected, which should’t go into landfill?  

Then you qualify for our Refill-Not-Landfill-Program: 

What does this mean? 

Simply return the empty bottles back to us and we will credit $1 for each bottle for your next order. 

We guarantee that all returned bottles will be refilled and reused. For commercial users and businesses we offer the same program with our 10l refill container. 

Our Floor Pads, Cloths and Gloves are known to last many years. However, if your products are worn out through wear and tear we welcome you to follow the same principle. Please return the Cloth, Glove or Floor Pad back to us and we will credit $1 to your next order for each item.  

Happy refilling! 

Ha-Ra Australia