Here are 3 Simple and Clever Ways to Give Your Car a Thorough Cleaning without Using Harmful Chemicals

Your family car as clean as the day it left the showroom. And your 4-wheel drive looking as if it’s never seen the bush. That’s the promise when you use the Ha-Ra Car Cleaning System. Your vehicle is immaculate – inside and outside.
All you need is a couple of our clever fibre Gloves and a Polish cloth. To clean the windows and the interior before moving on to the outside body work. And to remove the heavy dirt from the wheels and hubcaps. It’s all so easy. And it’s chemical free. No detergent soaking into your lawn, or reaching the water table and damaging the environment. Of course you do use a little water.
We also recommend you add a few drops of Ha-Ra Protective Formula, which is pH neutral, to protect your hands from the effects of hard water and to act as a wetting agent. Ha-Ra have a full range of cleaning kits for your bathroom, laundry, kitchen, floors, windows and screens, outdoors, almost any application and the results will amaze you.
The Ha-Ra Car Cleaning System is easy to use, fast, and efficient. It combines the special Mach 6 Cleaning Glove with the hard-wearing Green Cleaning Glove. And there’s the Brilliant Polish Cloth to finish windows and other shiny surfaces.All these Ha-Ra gloves last, and hold their shape, because of the unique combination of the cleaning fi bres which are attached to a woven fabric. There’s no detergent. No waxy residues. And you don’t waste water - half a bucket is sufficient to clean the average family car.
This is the flexible worker of the Car Cleaning System. It is reversible giving you two different cleaning fibres. The blue side is used to loosen and remove dirt, followed by the soft white side to remove any remaining grime and excess moisture. The cleaning technique is simple. You add a couple of drops of Protective Formula to half a bucket of water, dampen the glove and clean each surface using gentle firm strokes. We recommend you clean windows first, then the car interior. Rinse the glove in water, lightly wring, and you’re ready to move on to the car’s paintwork. Repeat the cleaning process on each large panel, so that grime doesn’t dry on the surface. 
Use this cloth in combination with the Mach 6 Cleaning Glove to achieve a sparkling finish on windows and shiny surfaces. After use, rinse the gloves and polishing cloth under running water while they are still damp and they’ll be ready for next time. After the first time you’ll probably find that cleaning is so much easier.
This glove is tough. It does the heavy work of cleaning wheels and hubcaps.
Using the remaining water, dampen the glove, and wipe away the build-up of dirt and grime. Repeat on extra dirty area. 
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