Tentatively, you can expect quality. Shop windows, meet the latest offering from Ha-Ra

Shiny, clean and fresh floors with the latest cleaning technology. We offer domestic & commercial cleaning pads for most floor surfaces, inside and out – including wood, vinyl, terracotta, cork and marble.

All you need are the patent fibre-cleaning pads designed for your floor surface and the sustainable stainless steel Floor Express to hold the pad in place. You can quickly clean large open areas and difficult to reach spaces under and around furniture. 

Just add two drops of Protective Formula, which is pH neutral, to 5 litres of water and immerse the pad into the water. Wring out the pad, fibre to fibre and you are ready to glide over your floor. If you don't want to wring your Floor Pads by hand: Let the Ha-Ra Pressbutler Squeeze Bucket do this job for you so they contain the right amount of water for the best cleaning results.

Ha-Ra's shop display showcases the power and effectiveness of Ha-Ra on the spot for: 

1. Polished & semi polished floors including wooden floors 
2. Honed type floors 
3. Matte floors 

My Tile Market in Sydney made the switch to sustainable and chemical-free cleaning supplies. Will you be next? Contact Colin Dakers from ECO Cleaning Systems for more information M: 0478 583 536 - colinhara@outlook.com 

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