The Ha-Ra system is now available at Woombye Pharmacy.

The Woombye Pharmacy is a customer health oriented pharmacy, dedicated to keeping our community vigorous and vital by providing preventative health advice, services and products. 

The Woombye Pharmacy is now offering the Ha-Ra technology to support their customers with the following health related issues: 

  • Preventative Health: With Ha-Ra you protect you immune system by not having contact with toxic chemicals. 
  • Psoriasis, eczema/dermatitis, asthma, allergies and many more may be helped by preventative health care products 
  • Our skin & lungs can absorb the substances included in detergents, which enter our blood steam. Ha-Ra only uses water to clean, which is safe for the whole family. 
  • Certain toxins can cause infertility, asthma and chronic fatigue - that can be avoided. 
  • All-purpose cleaners often contain chemicals such as Ammonia, Petroleum, Distillates, Phenyl, Kerosene and Formaldehyde. Toxic effects can include rashes, chemical burns and irritation or eyes and lungs.
  • Disinfectants usually contain volatile chemicals with the most common being Cresol, Phenol, Ethanol, Formaldehyde, Ammonia and Chlorine. Toxic effects include damage to the liver, kidneys and lungs. They can also affect the central nervous system, resulting in depression and irritability.

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Keen on stocking Ha-Ra® for your own business and clients? 

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