Car Cleaning Cloth


Double-Sided Car Clean and Care Cloth: Effortlessly Clean and Polish in One Step!

  • Limited Edition of our double-sided Cleaning Cloth 
  • One side cleans, picks up dirt and is highly absorbent 
  • The other side polishes and dries the surface for a streak-free finish 

The limited Clean and Care Cloth has a powerful cleaning star side and a shiny side for polishing. Ideal for material-friendly and streak-free cleaning and care of all glass, plastic and metal surfaces in the vehicle interior. It is a strictly limited and very versatile cleaning tool designed to provide efficient and eco-friendly cleaning solutions for a wide range of surfaces. The innovative design and composition of the cloth enable it to effectively remove dirt, grease, and grime without the need for harsh chemicals. 


How To Use

The Car Clean and Care Cloth is a very versatile product to clean and dry with one product. Simply clean with the absorbing side and dry off with the reverse side. When used slightly damp, it dries without leaving steaks. 

Where To Use

Whether it's cleaning the car or wiping down kitchen countertops, cleaning glass and mirrors, or drying dishes, the cloth's absorbent properties make it a versatile cleaning accessory. Suitable for polishing mirrors, glass, chrome, lacquered surfaces, crystal, glass and cutlery. It's also great for removing finger marks on glass and mirrors. 

How Does It Work

The Car Clean and Care Cloth features a dual-sided design, with one side having longer fibers and the other side having shorter, more tightly woven fibers. This design allows the cloth to tackle different types of cleaning tasks effectively. The longer fibers are ideal for picking up larger particles and wiping away surface dirt, while the shorter fibers provide a smoother finish and are great for polishing and drying.

What Is It Made Of

Shiny side: 80% polyester microfiber / 20% polyamide microfiberStar side: 75% polyester microfiber / 25% polyamide microfiber

Size: 25 x 25 cm 

Why Is It Eco-Friendly

This cloth is eco-friendly due to its innovative design, which allows for efficient cleaning without harsh chemicals. Its dual-sided functionality reduces the need for multiple cleaning products, while its material-friendly composition ensures it can be used on a wide range of surfaces, promoting reuse and minimizing waste.


How do I care for my cloth?
Before first use, wash in the washing machine at 40°C. After use, wash out with 2-3 drops of Protective Formula under clear water. For heavier soiling, wash in the washing machine at 40°C with Ha-Ra Saponella or a detergent that does not contain bleach. Never use fabric softener, including detergents that contain fabric softener. Do not put it in the tumble dryer, let it air dry. Do not use aggressive cleaning agents. We recommend a laundry bag for gentle washing of the high-quality Ha-Ra fibres in the washing machine.