Glass and Mirror Cleaning Cloth


Color: blue

Innovative honeycomb structure in an extra-large size. Plus, it doubles as a tea towel for added convenience.

  • The largest cloth in the range 
  • Latest fibre technology with a honeycomb structure for streak-free cleaning results 
  • Specifically woven design so fibres can catch and attract fine dust particles
  • Super-absorbent but dries fast
  • Available in different colours to keep one for the kitchen and/or bathroom etc.

Thanks to its honeycomb structure, the Glass and Mirror Cleaning Cloth is ideal as a tea towel but also for steak-free cleaning results on glass or mirrors. It dries absolutely streak-free and can be used both dry and wet. The Glass and Mirror Cleaning Cloth will do many jobs as it comes in an extra large size. The fibres are specifically woven so they will catch and attract fine dust particles and not leave any lint behind. It super-absorbent cloth dries fast leaving nothing but a shine.

How To Use

Wipe in an 's' motion for spots on glass and glass cabinets, shining up wine glasses or crystal, removing finger prints and smudges on two pack. This Cloth can be used dry or slightly damp. 

Where To Use

This cloth is suitable for a wide range of applications, including cleaning and polishing windows, glass tabletops, mirrors, and stainless steel appliances. It is very popular for the interior of your car or to dry off your shower. Its versatility makes it a valuable tool for maintaining a sparkling and professional appearance in both residential and commercial settings. It also works brilliantly on refrigerators, sinks, lacquered surfaces, polished work surfaces or granite surfaces. Can be used both dry and wet. DEKRA report confirms: ideally suited for use on shiny surfaces or TV screens as well as varnished wooden furniture.

How Does It Work

In order to optimally use the entire surface of the cleaning cloth for cleaning and to prevent surfaces that have already been cleaned from getting dirty again, fold the Crystal cloth three times so that sixteen cloth surfaces of the same size are created, which can be used one after the other for cleaning surfaces. Use this cloth when you want to make stainless steel surfaces like refrigerators or sinks shine. Lacquered work surfaces, polished worktops e.g. made of granite are the area of application for this cloth.

What Is It Made Of

80% Polyester Microfiber / 20% Polyamide Microfiber

67 x 50 cm 

Why Is It Eco-Friendly

This product is eco-friendly due to its multifunctionality, large size reducing the need for multiple towels, and its ability to clean without the use of chemical cleaners. Additionally, its honeycomb structure allows for effective dust and dirt removal, reducing the need for disposable cleaning products.


How do I care for my cloth? Before first use, wash in the washing machine at 40°C. After use, wash out with 2-3 drops of Protective Formula under clear water. For heavier soiling, wash in the washing machine at 40°C with Ha-Ra Saponella or a detergent that does not contain bleach. Never use fabric softener, including detergents that contain fabric softener. Do not put it in the tumble dryer, let it air dry. Do not use aggressive cleaning agents. We recommend a laundry bag for gentle washing of the high-quality Ha-Ra fibres in the washing machine.

What do other clients think?
"I am very happy with the Crystal Cloth. I use them for everything including dry dusting. Otherwise they are very absorbent. Even to clean the window. Actually all surfaces, mirrors, pictures including frames or glass surfaces, simply everything. I can only recommend it." - Daniela Nickel via Amazon Germany 

"I've had it for a while and I'm convinced. I like to use it to wipe dry in the shower and I always have shiny windows without much effort. The size is great, the cloths from other manufacturers are smaller and don't absorb as much liquid. The cloth does a great job, even if I don't like the feel of the microfiber that much, but that can't be changed." - Sina Kombeitz via Amazon Germany 

"Super cloth that really lets windows and mirrors shine without streaks. No problem with washing them in the washing machine. Thanks to its size, it is also great for large areas." - Sylle via Amazon Germany