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Clean + Care Polishing Cloth

GST included.

Excellent Cloth for Polishing

The limited Clean & Care Cloth has a powerful cleaning star side and a shiny side for polishing. Ideal for material-friendly and streak-free cleaning and care of all glass, plastic and metal surfaces in the vehicle interior.

Shiny side: 80% polyester microfiber / 20% polyamide microfiber
Star side: 75% polyester microfiber / 25% polyamide microfiber
Size: 25 x 25 cm 

How to use
The Clean & Care Cloth is best used dry to polish off hard, smooth and high-gloss surfaces already cleaned with another Ha-Ra product. When used slightly damp, it dries without leaving steaks. 

» Star side for the best dirt pick-up and the most efficient cleaning result
» Shiny side for streak-free and highly polished surfaces
» Handmade in our Saarland manufactory - so each piece is unique

Where to use
Suitable for polishing mirrors, glass, chrome, lacquered surfaces, crystal, glass and cutlery. It's also great for removing finger marks.

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