What aspects of infection prevention are most in need of improvement?

Our priority is to ensure that the cleaning needs of our various domestic and commercial clients are met and your environment is fully protected. We are taking steps to prepare and respond to do our bit to help and support the community, our clients and our team. The following areas are commonly shared areas and should get special cleaning attention: 

  • Steering wheels
  • Light switches and surroundings
  • Door handles 
  • Key Boards 
  • Phones 
  • Credit Cards 
  • Chairs and furniture

These areas can be cleaned with the Hedgehog Glove, Star Polishing Cloth and Protective Formula Rollfix as the fibres can be washed in the washing machine after use. 

For these areas we recommend alcohol wipes. If you have no access to alcohol wipes you can use the Ha-Ra Family Cleaner and Disinfectant undiluted: 

  • Supermarket trollys 
  • ATM's  

Our commercial cleaning clients are advised to clean with the ph-neutral Protective Formula and disinfect with the undiluted Ha-Ra Family Cleaner and Disinfectant. We have passed on the following information to our cleaners who manage the procedures for office spaces and gyms. 

General Cleaning Office Spaces 
Clean computer key boards, telephones and shared surfaces and equipment using the Hedgehog Glove and diluted ph neutral Protective Formula in a spray bottle. 500mls require only 5 drops of Protective Formula. Dry-off with the Star Polishing Cloth. All desk stations should be cleaned every morning with the above method. All clothes and gloves should washed for the following day. 
Singe-use Cloths and Wipes 
If you decide to use single-use cloths the disposal procedure of these is very important. DON'T flush anything down the toilet that is not meant to be flushed. This will otherwise block our sewage system and cause huge environmental problems. If you are in an commercially shared area or office space do not put single-use cloths in the every day desk rubbish bin. Use a dedicated rubbish bin with a lining that can be safely disposed of at the end of the day.
Toilets & Bathrooms
Wipe all toilet walls down with the Hedgehog Glove or Hedgehog Floor Cleaning Pad with a handle using the Protective Formula and dry off after with a Star Polishing Cloth or Nano Pure Hedgehog Floor Cleaning Pad. Make sure you clean out all plug holes in basins using the Ultra Cloth under running water. (wear Gloves!) 
Commercial shower & toilet areas (Gyms)
Wash down walls and doors using the Hedgehog Glove or Hedghog Floor Cleaning Pad with a handle using the Protective Formula and dry off after with a Star Polishing Cloth or Nano Pure Hedgehog Floor Cleaning Pad. Remember to rinse the Floor Pad regularly squeezing out with the Pressbutler Squeeze Bucket. Please use Gloves for this cleaning procedure.
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