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The ultimate Household Checklist for Cleaning in Isolation

Earth-friendly items for tidying up

The Complete Home Cleaning Checklist for Doing Chores Alone

Stuck at home? Now is the time to get cleaning! Which area will you tackle first? Download our checklist and explore our Cleaning Kits. We deliver right to your doorstep!

Our Starter Kit includes the Green Glove for dirty areas (Screens, Outdoors, Cars) and our Ultra Glove for smooth surfaces in Kitchens & Bathrooms plus the high-quality Star Polishing Cloth to dry off and leave a streak-free finish! This is ideal for: 
- Security Screens & Fly Screens
- Outdoor areas including furniture 
- BBQ areas 
- Stainless steel surfaces 
- Cars and Caravans 

The chemical-free Bathroom Kit is simple to use. There’s two Gloves - the Ultra Glove and Natura Glove - and a Star Polish Cloth. These Ha-Ra Gloves last, and hold their shape, because of the unique combination of the cleaning fibres which are attached to a woven fabric. The Ultra Glove is used to absorb the grime on tiles, sinks, shower screens etc. and the Natura Glove will leave the surface streak-free and dry. Use the Star Polishing Cloth on your chrome taps and around the sink. The chemical-free Bathroom Kit also includes a small Rollfix bottle of our natural & ph-neutral detergent called Protective Formula FOR FREE. This is ideal for: 
- Tiles 
- Glass and mirrors 
- Shower Screens 
- Basins and sinks 
- Chrome and taps 

The Kitchen Kit contains all the products you need to maintain a clean and hygienic kitchen or kitchenette. It banishes all chemicals from the place where food is stored and meals are prepared. It combines five hard-wearing cloths, which wash, scrub, clean and polish. This is ideal for: 
- All smooth surfaces 
- Glassware and dishes 
- Oven and stove 
- Range hoods 
- Cupboards 
- Cutlery 

Your windows will not only sparkle, they will stay cleaner for longer. Clean your Windows and Glass easy and quick without having to use any chemicals. Use the Mach 6 Glove for difficult reachable areas, louvres, shutters and blinds. Clean large glass areas, shower screens or mirrors with the Window Cleaner and finish off with the Crystal Cloth for a spotless shine. The chemical-free Window Cleaning Kit also includes a small Rollfix bottle of our natural & ph-neutral detergent called Protective Formula FOR FREE. This is ideal for: 
- Windows 
- Glass areas 
- Pool Glass Fence 
- Mirrors 
- Glass Tables 
- Large smooth surfaces 

Ha-Ra’s “All Purpose Cleaning Kit” is specifically designed to clean your entire home or business without any chemicals. How so? It comes with all our bestsellers since 1970! Talk about clever! Buy a kit today and don't worry about cleaning supplies for months to come! Bathroom, Kitchen, Grout or Windows? You name it! And it will perform it's magic! This is ideal for: 
- All of the above applications 

The Ha-Ra Floor Cleaning System with its long-lasting steel design and various floor pads is suitable for all floor types and has earned itself a commercial grade reputation through BIG 4 Holiday Parks and Hospital Steriliser Departments in Australia. Most of our clients have been using their floor system for over 10 years. All you need is a Dry Floor Pad for Dusting and the Green Allrounder for damp cleaning. This is ideal for: 
- Any Floor 
- Dusting with the Dry Yellow Pad 
- Damp Cleaning with the Green Floor Pad 
- If you have specific Floor Surfaces please feel free to get in touch with us and we can recommend a Pad specifically targeted towards your surfaces. 

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