Exactly what are the top microfiber cleaning supplies available?

Microfibres have a thickness of less than 1dtex = 1g/10.000 m. It can also be split to form split bicomponent microfibre which is the finest available microfibre and has a thickness approximately 50 times smaller than a human hair. Fibre technology permits cleaning products to be constructed, not from one strand of fibre, as with conventional products, but from thousands of spherical microfibre strands randomly laid out. The loops of each strand are so small they have the same cleaning propeties as normal microfibre ends and this effectively creates a larger overall surface area and therefore better wiping capability. 

What makes the Ha-Ra fibres unique? 
The use of the latest microfibre technology represents a dramatic innovation in cleaning equipment and processes. Cleaning products made using microfibre technology are strong, highly resistant to tearing and snagging and have extremely low levels of linting (shedding fibres). Additional benefits of cleaning products made using microfibre technolgy: 

- reduce the need for cleaning chemicals 
- improve the visual appearance of areas cleaned 
- reduce levels of infection 
- reduce the number of hours required to clean

Cleaning with Ha-Ra's microfibres is fast, easy and environmentally-friendly 
With microfibre products there is rarely a need to use chemicals. It is sometimes described as having a "magnetic attraction" to dirt and dust. Microfibre products are extremely soft, they never scratch any surface, but at the same time they are sturdy and tough on dirt. The fibres will lift and trap dust, dirt, pollen, mites, grime, grease and bacteria. The static force causes dust which has a negative charge to cling to the dry mop or duster. 

The 3 main reasons why Ha-Ra can outlast the competition over many years. 
The secret behind Ha-Ra is the blend of microscopic polyester and polyimide fibres which are split in such a way as to create microscopic hooks which act as claws that scrape up and hold dust, dirt and grime. Ha-Ra's commercially used fibres are also unique in quality because of the following facts: 

FACT 1: The ratio of the blend. Ha-Ra contains more higher-quality Polyamide and less Polyester than other providers which results in a longer life. 
FACT 2: A high density of the fibres. This density translates into greater cleaning power. (Ha-Ra 221.000 fibres per square inch - a regular cloth only 50.000 fibres per square inch) 
FACT 3: The finish of the cloth. Depending on the specific task the cloth is designed to perform and the fibre ends can be tightly hooked, feathered or finely polished. Ha-Ra cloths come on a waffle weave, cross hatch or zigzag weave, which ensure the fibres won't lint. 

The developing immune systems of a child care centre's short-statured inhabitants coupled with the nexus-like role of the workplace plays within the community, are the perfect storm for the rapid spread of illness. For this reason, and many others relating to the wellbeing staff and kids, there is no room to compromise when it comes to the cleaning standards and hygiene practices of a childcare centre.

The commercial-grade Ha-Ra® microfibre cleaning system eliminates the use of over 98% of cleaning agents and collects the build-up and residue from surfaces, absorbing the grime into the fabric rather than smearing it around. Ha-Ra® fibres are long lasting, with specially designed patented woven fibres that have been proven and tested not to drop lint nor leave residue, thus preventing bacterial growth. 

The advanced Ha-Ra system will remove grime and dirt rather than covering the grime with a chemical that builds up until the germs become immune to the disinfectant and cause nasty bacteria to multiply, the same as our body becomes immune to Antibiotic. You need the right Antibiotic for the right strains same as with disinfectants. 


1. Ha-Ra is a hypoallergenic product
2. Save 95% of cleaning chemicals & equipment.
3. Its Preventative Health care substitute
4. Recommended for all Asthma and bronchiole sufferers
5. It assists the immune system to fight against toxic chemicals
6. Unique commercial quality surpasses any lookalikes on the market.
7. Carries and strong Guarantee.
8. Ha-Ra sits well with parents wishing to live a healthier life and excluding as many chemicals as possible
9. The standards of hygiene required in, infection control in hospitals and theatres.

The Ha-Ra system has been used for over 18 years in the central sterilizer departments to clean sterilizers and floors. As you know asthma affects more than 1 in 9 children in Australia and this condition can be aggravated by the air pollution which results from using chemical cleaners. Rather than covering grime with chemicals, the Ha-Ra microfiber systems use the mechanical power of the fibers to remove all bacteria. 

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