Purposes Served by Detergents and Cleaners with a Neutral Ph

The pH scale ranges from 1 to 14 and is a measure of a solution's acidity or alkalinity. A pH of 7 is neutral; a pH less than 7 is acidic; and a pH greater than 7 is alkaline, or basic. 

Difference between acidic & alkaline cleaning products 
Various detergents are formulated by manufactures as acidic or alkaline because of their effectiveness in cleaning or dissolving certain soil types. Oven cleaners, for example, are formulated to be strongly alkaline because alkaline solutions are effective at breaking down baked-on protein, fatty soils, and the types of carbonized soils often found in and on dirty ovens. Bathroom cleaners tend to be acidic for dissolving water scale and rust. 

Dangers of high acidic & alkaline cleaning products 
Solutions with very high or low pH levels have the potential to be dangerous to humans, whether ingested, inhaled, or contacted with skin. Highly alkaline or acidic solutions can cause severe skin burns. In contrast, since the pH level of the human body is close to neutral — approximately 7.4 pH — workers who come into contact with neutral chemicals are at minimal risk for more than skin irritation. People who want to rid their homes of chemicals and expensive refills are still concerned when coming in contact with these undiluted cleaning solutions. These products not only can prove corrosive, but depending on the type of surfaces they are used on, they can also cause toxic fumes as well. This is especially common when applied to metal surfaces. 

Benefits of ph-neutral cleaning products 
With the safety-related disadvantages of acid and alkaline cleaners, one could conclude that pH neutral cleaners might be the ideal solution. We know today that neutral pH cleaners are less likely to cause adverse health effects and harm surfaces, and more likely to be safer for users and the environment.

But while a neutral formulation might be safer, people still believe the cleaning strength and efficiancy of neutral cleaners are lower than caustic and acidic cleaners. A ph-neutral detergent works effective & powerful alongside with the appropriate fibre cleaning products. The fibres do the cleaning and removal of dirt and the highly concentrated ph-neutral detergent is designed to assist with this function.

All components were selected & designed so that the fibres as well as the environment are protected and preserved to guarantee the most effective and safe green cleaning solution. The Ha-Ra® Drops were tested for biodegradability and achieved rating of 97 - 99% (OECD guideline 302B EMPA test). Read the Ha-Ra® Safety Datasheet (MSDS). 

It rates as non-poisonous and cares for sensitive skin while cleaning and is made out of a vegetable base. No Nitrates, Preservatives or Phospates. You will only need 2-5% of what you regularly would use with other cleaning products. A normal-sized household will only require 1-2 bottles of Protective Formula per year, totally removing the need for other chemicals and surfactants. (only one drop per 2L of water!) 

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