Tell me about the history of Ha-sanitation Ra's equipment.

For more than 40 years, Ha-Ra has been innovative. A company which creates its products for people who not only want to run their households faster and easier but who also want to use harmful substances as little as possible, living their lives in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner. The invention of the mechanical-physical cleaning system was a major innovation leap for millions of people around the world: It was the first time a company had achieved such stunning results with a high-quality system of fibre cleaning in combination with sparingly used natural products. 

The inventor, Hans Raab even became the still undisputed champion in window cleaning! For many people, it is once more important to use products without additional chemical substances. This is a vital requirement for products in a modern household. But which large producer is able or willing to satisfy this demand?

All Ha-Ra products are of the highest quality possible in their respective product groups. They are almost exclusively produced in Germany, Switzerland and Italy because we do not support the exploitation of the workforce in low-wage countries. Of course, none of our cleaning or cosmetic products are tested on animals.

Our textiles are exclusively produced by seamstresses and sewers in our manufacture in Quierschied - top quality "made in Germany". Other products are manufactured under strict controls and come from certified cooperation partners

With "harabelle", "haraspa" and "haravita" we offer a range of products for people, their body and their very own charisma. Organic plants and high-quality ingredients are the foundation of our new highly effective cosmetic products. They are strictly controlled and certified. The natural substances come from a remarkable organic plantation. They are harvested by hand and are processed in a small batches.

We do not sell products; we sell health and well-being, which reflects our everyday life. Ha-Ra makes your life more comfortable and increases your quality of life.

We would like to thank our millions of customers for their long-standing loyalty and their confidence. This is another incentive for us to continue to provide high-quality products developed in harmony with nature.

Your Ha-Ra Australia Team

Ha-Ra Australia